Monday, 26 November 2012

Monday Modern catchup

I have our Monday Modern group next Monday and , as usual, I leave everything to the last minute!!
We are making Xmas stockings to give to Women's Refuge in Te Atatu, filled with little goodies.  So, I got cracking today & completed this stocking - and am quite pleased with it. (it's been ages since I've made anything "christmasy"!)  
I also got busy organising little fabric parcels & instructions as it's my turn for the group to make blocks for me!  I have chosen a kind of vintage "modern" block - using The 6G Quilt designed by Sarah Fielke.  It will have assorted blues for all the backgrounds, linked together with 2 1/2 " squares of assorted reds, and the stars are made out  my precious collection of Denise Schmidt and a couple of the new Liberty art fabrics thrown in.


  1. Welcome to blog land! Your Christmas stocking looks great. See you on Monday!

  2. I am looking forward to your bee block!

  3. I love the fabrics in the package I got - the Denise Schmidt pieces are more stunning in real life than on the internet.


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