Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Pattern & A Plan

Remember this?

I have only the bindings to hand sew down on a couple of quilts & that's a evening job while I watch Downton Abbey.  So, after my last few efforts with colour experimentation (!!)  & rather than start something new this close to Xmas,  I thought I'd continue on with something that had a real pattern & a real plan!! ...the Marcelle Medallion quilt I began a little while ago. It's from the book Liberty Love by Alexia Marcelle Abegg.
As per the instructions, I am using Liberty fabrics as much as possible. However, I really don't have any large Liberty pieces, but luckily from now on the borders all seem to have a real scrappy look about them. The quilt is certainly busy with lots of piecing in it, & has a real vintage-y feel about it.  I'm sure if I mix in my precious liberties with a few other bright fabrics, grey accents and dotty white backgrounds it'll all work!!!   

There a few others making this quilt too, I found this...... Marcelle Medallion QAL Flickr Group
and this....

I know from experience that some quilts really do stay in that "to do" pile for ages/years and it was great today to pull out the pieces I had already sorted.  And, Alexia actually recommends that one thinks of this "as a quilt to bite off in small chunks, working on just one border at a time, watching the quilt grow" !!!! 

So today I got busy.......making 4 rows of 10 "tipsy triangles",  no that's not me, it's what Alexia actually calls them !!!!  And I have to say her measurements are exact, from that initial center block to now, everything fits so nicely!!      


  1. I love the little triangles down the side, Hmm Inspirational thank you

  2. This is looking lovely so far - I want to attempt one of these one day .... I have started putting some fabric aside for it, I think it will be a long WIP though:)

  3. Thank you for the +ves!! I'm really enjoying piecing this! L


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