Sunday, 28 April 2013

What's old is new again!!!

As I was sewing the last of my Churn Dash blocks I suddenly realised I had actually done this all before!!!   
Years & years ago I had made a few "test pattern" blocks following Roberta Horton's book, "Calico and Beyond. " 1986.  I had so much fun that I kept going & ended up with enough blocks to make a lovely quilt.  
Then, it was an Eight Pointed Star quilt, now it's the Churn Dash quilt.
While using mainly low volume fabrics, I did try to have one or two fabrics that were a bit darker just to give a bit of depth, and I used a variety of scrap fabrics old & new, and I didn't worry about placement value.

In this pic thou' I must admit my blocks do look quite similer - late afternoon light I guess!!! 
but all laid out on the family room floor, there is actually quite an interesting play with the scrappy lights & light- ers!!!   I will keep reshuffling the blocks around until I'm happy with the overall look.
In the meantime, we will just have to walk around them!!  (Bob's use to doing that!!)


  1. I love your low volume quilts!

  2. Thanks Karyn, I enjoyed searching in my stash to find enough whites & neutrals to get that more softer, quieter look - Linda


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