Friday 24 March 2023

from my bookshelf

The March prompt for AHIQ is to share a favourite source of inspiration, {see the link on my R) hand sidebar} and I thought I'd share here too.

So yes, one of my main inspirations for quilting has always been books. And one of my earliest loved books was "Scrap Quilts" by Judy Martin. My copy is well thumbed and has been a great resource for block patterns and scrappy quilt ideas over the years. 

- I just love this bear's paw variation, yet to make my own version!

Like many, another favourite is Roderick Kiracofe's "Unconventional & Unexpected" book. While I find improv challenging, I never fail to be surprised by these extraordinary quilts made by US quilters during the last half of the 20th century.  The quilts are quirky, improvisational, and sometimes not perfectly made, but such a visual delight!

"The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters" by Sherri Lynn Wood is another book I have spent many hours reading. It explores quilt making in a fun way, breaking free of the old rules, and encouraging unique improvisation. Just need to switch on my improv button & live courageously ...

And another book on my shelf is "Sunday Morning Quilts" by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison. This is a book that altered how I see my "style" and gave me permission I guess, to use every last bit of my treasured stash!  My Sunday mornings got a whole lot busier once I started down this road that's for sure! 

Lately though, rather than buying, I have been ordering quilting books from the library, like "Cultural Fusion Quilts" by Sujata Shah. It's "a melting pot of piecing traditions" full of bold & vibrant quilts... I think I've had this book out at least 3 times, I probably should have bought my own copy by now, I think! 

Surfing social media provides even more inspiration!
I love all that sharing ❤️ on quilt blogs & Instagram,
it makes me want to start new projects faster than I can finish them
- but I'll always have a soft spot for books!

And how about you, what inspires you most for quilt making?

Sunday 19 March 2023

a mixed bunch of pics

Yes, we are back home now. We had a great holiday in Australia, 12 days in Brisbane & Mooloolaba Beach. Temperatures 28°- 32°! It was so lovely to spend lots of time with our son & DinL #didn’twanttoleave! 

And now onto the quilty pics... This weekend, after catching up with holiday washing, I managed to get my strippy triangles quilt top all together! Super happy with this whispery pale palette. 
Finished quilt top measures 62" x 56". Next decision- to border or not to border? 

And I may have had a few fabrics jump into my shopping cart a week or so ago, and they arrived today. 
These Kaffe 'shiraz' stripes will be very useful I'm sure. 

I had a few books here to read this month, but only managed to read one ... The Tilt by Chris Hammer. I've been having a run of Australian fiction and loving all of them! Things here "down under" may seem the same and yet they are not... we do share the same language, but there are many unfamiliar words, and they seem to live outdoors so much more, because of course the country is huge, with wild and unpopulated areas. 
This is a super small-town novel, with a complex mystery which takes you through time to solve a decades old murder - with multiple narratives and timelines that leave you trying to work out how everything ties up...  and it was just utterly immersive!
Love to hear your comments if you've read any of the others.

Until next time, Linda