2021 finishes

Welcome, I hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of finished quilts.

"Penny Patch"  quilt
a scrappy quilt with three sizes of “four-patch” blocks at play with each other here.
Finished quilt measures 48" x 59"

"Flowers on her Fence" quilt
There's a little story behind this quilt, see on the blog Tuesday, 27 April 2021
Finished quilt measures 52" x 59".
Quilted by Leeanne in organic lines... in true utility scrap quilt fashion! 

'Sidewalk Chalk' quilt
Finished April 2021
It was a fun and fast make, a great way to sew “random with a plan”
I had it machine quilted a while back in the 'ripples' edge to edge pattern 
by Leeanne from 'quilt me kiwi'.
For my binding I used a multi-coloured Kaffe print 'persian garden' in rust, 
which might seem like an unlikely choice, but I think it works.
The finished quilt measures 47" x 53".

'Anna's Stars' quilt
Started April 2019, finished April 2021
I went with a wide AMH backing fabric, and used a bright Tula Pink fabric for my binding.
Leeanne from quiltmekiwi did the quilting for me, an edge to edge pattern called 'waterdrops'.
Finished quilt measures 56" x 73".

'Nine Patch Action' quilt
I sort of followed the picture of a vintage quilt from Roderick Kiracofe's book 
"unconventional and unexpected", see here.
I used a mix of favourite fabrics in this quilt top, including Liberty, solids, ginghams & AMH.
I had it machine quilted by Leeanne from quiltmekiwi in an edge to edge pattern, called 'breezy'.
Finished quilt size 60" x 70"
April 2021

'Many Trips Around the World' quilt
Scrappy assortment of fabrics from my stash
March 2021
Finished quilt size 48" x 62" 

Coin quilt
A crazy mishmash of some pretty, some neutral, and some mighty ugly fabrics! 
I had it quilted in an edge to edge pattern called 'loop to loop' by Leeanne from 'quilt me kiwi'.
Finished quilt size 48" x 60"

Softly scrappy log cabin quilt
Started back in October 2019 & finished March 2021
I had it machine quilted in the 'bapist fan' edge to edge pattern by Leeanne from 'quilt me kiwi'
For my binding I chose 'apron Berta' Sunday in the Country by Nathalie Lete 
for Anna Maria's Conservatory collection,
 it seems to draw out the warm toasty colours nicely as well as highlight those little "pops" of blue.
The finished quilt measures 43" x 53",

Aunt Bet's quilt #3
March 2021
It's a simple pattern and seems to work well with any combination of fabrics!
I used an early Amy Butler fabric for the binding, Hammock Stripe from her Gypsy Caravan collection.
Quilted in the 'baptist fan' edge to edge pattern by Leanne from Quiltmekiwi.
The finished quilt measures approximately 48" x 60"

Vintage strippy quilt
January 2021
I used an real mix of prints from my fabric baskets, including precious snippets of Liberty & Kaffe, and anything else that I thought would create depth and interest.
For my backing I chose 'Fern' by Amy Butler, a soft cotton sateen. I had it machine quilted by Leeanne from quiltmekiwi in an edge to edge pattern called "ripples'.
The binding is an older Joel Dewberry print 'ornate floral' and seems to draw out the pinks & plums quite well. With a little clash of pattern and some strong colours to stand out amongst the others … this little quilt is done. The finished size is 126 x 162cm (49" x 63").

Thanks for stopping by, Linda

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