2024 finishes

Welcome to this eclectic assortment of finished quilts for 2024.

Jacob's Ladder quilt
started May 2024 finished June 2024
Pattern: totally inspired by Jolene from blueelephantstitches.com/I loved her nine patch Jacob's Ladder quilt, but I reworked the math and used four patches to create my own version.
Fabrics:  I used a real mishmash, including a few favourite OOP fabrics, recent designer fabrics & a mix of background fabrics, all from my stash.
Backing: My backing for this one is a little wander down memory lane #throwbackthursday. I had a very old Jacob's Ladder quilt top in calico, blues & purples, which I made 21 years ago, and I decided to use this #partyinthequiltback. 
Quilting: E2E 'baptist fan' by Leeanne from quiltmekiwi, perfect for my old/new jacob's ladder quilt. 
Binding: I opted for a pretty itty bitty floral to capture all the warm colours, 'Tuesday' by Alison Glass. 
Quilt measurements: 49" x 65"

4Patch Chain quilt
started in December 2022 & finished June 2024
Donated to Hospice

Pattern: I reworked a pile of small ufo blocks into a double four patch pattern
Fabrics: I enjoyed mixing up all the different fabrics for this one, old & new Tilda, Liberty, Kaffe, AMH, along with a little gingham to achieve a real vintage floral look. 
Backing: I found a delightful pair of vintage sheets at a local hospice shop recently, perfect for backing this quilt
Quilting: Machine quilted by Leeanne from quiltmekiwi  in E2E 'new growth' a loose leaf & vine panto 
Binding: I used a fun print 'postage due' by AMH, it captures all the colours beautifully. 
Quilt measurements: 49" x 57" 

Stars Upon Stars quilt
started March & finished June 2024

I used a scrappy mix of dark prints in caramel, rose, coral, orange & browns. The nine patch blocks are mainly in a selection of lights & mediums in peach, pink, light browns & cream, all creating a soft but interesting (= busy) background effect.

I found a 16 patch St Louis quilt top in the wardrobe that I used as my backing. It was made up in a scrappy selection of pinks & peach with a little splash of blue, very vintage looking. I sliced things up a bit and added a few asymmetrical pieces to get it to a suitable size.

For the binding I used 'plaited' from AMH's fibs & fable collection. It's a fancy stripe and the colours work in so well with both the front & back of my quilt. Leeanne from quiltmekiw sprinkled a bit of fairy magic with 'peeling good' panto. 

Anniversary quilt
finished January 2024

I used the "me sew happy" quilt from these clever hands. The top came together quickly, 16 big blocks from an eclectic range of vintage and modern fabrics. And then I added two rows of extra squares to the top & bottom, one row of extra squares to the sides, and finally the two borders to get it up to the requested size.
I sent this quilt off to be quilted by Leeanne @quiltmekiwi, she used an E2E leaf and vine panto called "new growth". We selected a neutral wide backing, butterfly whisper in Ecru. I ended up going with a Kaffe print - 'plink' in teal - for binding. Finished quilt size 94" x 87" 

'x and +' quilt 
Started July 2023 and finished January 2024

I used a variety of fabrics from my scrap baskets, mainly selected with an eye for medium - light colours, with little accents in something darker. 
Longarm quilted by Leeanne at quiltmekiwi using the 'Gabriella' panto. I have used 'guava' Tula Pink extra wide sateen on the back.
I went for a blending look for my binding, a sweet dusky pink & white stripe, which also works well back & front. Quilt measures approx. 64" x 76".

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