Monday 29 January 2024

want some colour today?

It's a long weekend here in NZ
and I've been sorting out my next steps with two long-term projects. 

The bramble blooms QAL ... is all about wonderful improvisation! Full disclosure here - Improv + applique are not really my strongest techniques but I'm enjoying the challenge! I started out with a plan and a colour scheme for my sunflower block, and it's now No. Where. Near. my original thoughts. 
I guess Audrey would say something like "let the quilt take you where it wants to go" - I more inclined to call it "going rogue." 

The idea is to use fabrics from our stash, to make a unique one-of-a-kind creation. Audrey's latest prompt was to add a border with repeat applique motifs to the centerpiece, with quarter-triangle style cornerstone blocks. I began by working out from my improv sunflower centerpiece, taking it one bit at a time to see what happened next. 
I decided to try a coping border first. I tried four different fabrics, and finally settled on this early AMH print in plum. It helps frame my floral design and brings in a little of my accent colour. The coping strip also gives me some wriggle room for adding the next wider border. So far, so good.

And then that next border? I spent a bit of time trying to figure out border fabrics & applique motifs, but it felt like I was getting nowhere. I'd looked at these fabrics for so long, too long, I needed a break, and so I sat out in the sunshine to think about it 🌞

After playing with a few shapes, I decided to just go ahead and add a few borders and see where I ended up. And the repeat applique, hm-m-m- - well ... you'll see.

Here's a few colourful progress pics from the design floor ...

My 'sunflower blooms' are quirky, colourful and definity unique. 
Each new decision feels like a relief ... no, no ... more like a little touch of fabric magic!


Next up ... the 'positivities' sampler quilt sewalong, a year-long project from Rachel at stitched in color. At least this one has a decisive design plan to follow LOL! 
My friend Glenys & I are both joining in, and we've chosen our background colours. After thinking about what fabrics I had here and which direction I wanted my quilt to go in, I decided to 'go green', a soft green. And Glenys is going with peach. 
I've sifted through my scrap baskets & chosen an assortment of blending & a few contrasting pieces. This weekend I made a start on January's block, 'expansion' (still in segments as final joining doesn't happen until later).

May the usual creative chaos continue!

Friday 26 January 2024

1/4 log cabin: update

And here's my pink/brown/green leftovers quilt, majorly inspired by Sheena at cloudstreet53 over on IG.  Once I'd finally settled on my border decisions, this 1/4 log cabin quilt went together quickly.  
Who knew, though, making even a small quilt could take up this much "thinking" time ... endless paths I could have taken, in both colours  & design! 
I am sure about a hot pink for the binding✅.

A smaller project to warm up my colour choice processes as well as some simple sewing.
 Until next time, Linda

Sunday 21 January 2024

log cabin-y delight!

I've been without a computer* for a week. Not a bad thing - as I've had time to do a spot of fabric sorting in the sewing room. The beginning of the year can be overwhelming and so-o-o tempting, with lots of quiltalongs happening. I've been selective about what I want to commit my time to so far, joining in with Audrey's BBQAL late last year, and in the New Year I couldn't resist signing up for Rachel's Positivities sampler quilt.  
... both are part of my ongoing "sew the stash" target ... more about my progress coming up soon.

Yesterday though, I was playing. I started out making a few scrappy quarter log cabin blocks, enjoying my self-imposed challenge of using what I have here. 
My fabrics are a mix of designers, leftovers I had in my stash, mainly older, unloved ones in green, pink, & browns, with a few blues & black thrown in too. Some blocks are so loud they're yelling, others are quieter, and some mix and others don't match at all - but don't they all sing along together?

Lots of progress pics today so you can see the variety ...

I spent this afternoon getting sidetracked, checking out possible layouts for my 1/4 log cabin blocks.
 Maybe like this ...

or like this ...

or this ...

or maybe even something more like this ...

After (quite) a bit of afternoon playing around, I think I've settled on a pleasing design now. This is such a cheerful, modern utility, messy kind of quilt ... super happy so far, Linda. 

**** I've got a new computer and have been faffing about with all the settings, colours still seem a bit "off" at present. 

Friday 12 January 2024

Anniversary Quilt

The Anniversary Quilt is finished. This 94" x 87" beast is finally quilted, bound, photographed and gifted to my daughter & her husband.

I used the "me sew happy" quilt from these clever hands. The top came together quickly, 16 big blocks from an eclectic range of vintage and modern fabrics. And then I added two rows of extra squares to the top & bottom, one row of extra squares to the sides, and finally the two borders to get it up to the requested size.
I sent this quilt off to be quilted by Leeanne @quiltmekiwi, she used an E2E leaf and vine panto called "new growth". We selected a neutral wide backing, butterfly whisper in Ecru. I ended up going with a Kaffe print - 'plink' in teal - for binding.
Leeanne kindly did a quick turnaround to get it back to me in time for my daughter's wedding anniversary this month, so I was able to gift the quilt as soon as the last stitch was completed!
Until next time, Linda

Monday 1 January 2024

hello 2024

I'm starting out the new year with a finished quilt!
Anyone remember this one?
It's now quilted & bound.

- love a little animal print with the florals!

An 'x and +' quilt has been on my radar for a while. As always - I had fun playing with random fabric combinations. I used a variety of prints from my scrap baskets, mainly selected with an eye for medium - light colours, with little accents in something darker. See any fabrics you recognise?
It was a last minute decision to add a border... love a border that surprises us, don't you?

I sent this top off to be longarm quilted by Leeanne at quiltmekiwi using the 'Gabriella' panto. I have used 'guava' Tula Pink extra wide sateen on the back.
As the quilt is busy with lots of pretty pastel prints, I went for a blending look for my binding (rather than something that "pops") - a sweet dusky pink & white stripe, which also works well back & front.
Quilt measures approx. 64" x 76". Another top has become a quilt and my list of WiPs is decreasing!

May your year be full of joy ... and lots of colourful quilt makes 🌈✂️🌈