Sunday 29 December 2019

favourite quilt finish 2010 to 2019

About this time each year I like to post my favourite finish but, since this is the end of a decade, why not change it up? So I'm joining in with Laurie @laurie3.14 over on instagram, for a little bit of fun reflecting back and chosing a favourite quilt between 2010 and 2019.

And I thought I'd share my pick here with you too. This is my #favoritequiltfinish2010to2019 - my "broken china mosaic" quilt. I know many of you will have seen this quilt from earlier posts, but it's a real favourite of mine now . . . smashed plates & shards of broken crockery . . . {wink wink} grandma's dinner set never looked so good . . . 

The Emperors Wheel pattern caught my eye some time ago, it's one of Chris Jurd's paper pieced beauties, using foundation paper piecing for the New York Beauty blocks.

I used an assortment of AMH fabrics, mainly the softer pastel ones, a little Amy B., a couple of oriental fabrics, along with a selection of low volume fabrics and a Martha Negley Seasons Collection Winter Fabric in Cream for the border. I was really trying to achieve a quiet contrast without it looking too out of control! My finished quilt measures 150cms x 130cms.

Here's a few progress photos . . . 

In the pattern, the centre wheel called for a focus fabric, it sets the tone for the quilt and is a good way to feature a larger print. I substituted this with a little bit of improv broderie perse instead.  

I initially machine quilted all over the quilt, a combination of straight line in-the-ditch and 1/4" outline, nothing fancy just enough to secure the layers without distracting from the scrappy feel of the quilt.
 And then I spent a bit of time adding in some big stitch hand quilting embellishments
including adding these french knots to my broderie perse flower centre . . .

It's a favourite quilt of mine for a few reasons - I loved playing with the centre and making it different to the pattern. It's a quilt that I spent quite a bit of time on, first with chosing a nice mix of fabrics, and the paper piecing took a while as I wasn't that experienced with it. And it's a quilt I machine quilted myself, and added in the extra hand quilting details, making it very special.

Anyone can join in by making a new post showing your favourite quilt finish and using #favoritequiltfinish2010to2019

Saturday 28 December 2019

down the garden path

As time marches quickly towards the end of the year, I wanted some easy hand sewing to work on, nothing new. It's time to think about finishing some unfinished projects.

I started this EPP 'Hexagon Florets' project over the summer hols, no no, not last year, but way back in January the - year - before - last. {wink wink} It's certainly been a "little here and a little there" sort of project! 
I pulled out all the hexis I'd made, and while sitting out on the deck, with a glass of wine, late afternoon sunshine, and music playing, I made up a few more. And yes, I'm still happy with 'the look' and my original plan (always a risk when you've not looked at something for some time), so I'm continuing on over the holidays, and hopefully will make some more progress.

I'm sort of using an idea from Kaffe's Bold Blooms book. His pattern is a bit more structured than what I'm planning on doing and he has certainly used much deeper tones. But like Kaffe, I'm using a consistant grey floral fabric for the background "garden path" joining each hexi flower, and two different florals, one in yellow & the other white, for my centres.

- possible border idea

There are 46 hexi flowers in total, very do-able I think.
Loving how these bright pastels are looking so far. . . and loving this slow pace just now.

and a couple more . . .

Until next year, Linda

Friday 20 December 2019

only five more sleeps!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
around here!

Thank you for stopping by during the year 
and thanks too for taking the time to leave a comment, I love to hear your thoughts & ideas
See you back here next year!

Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays

Friday 13 December 2019

from vintage to modern

Hello, hello
I’m a great believer that you should strike when the inspiration hits you, are you too?
{Even if you have 2+ other quilts in the works!}

I've had Jo's pattern, "Esplanade" quilt for a while now, purchased online from frankieandray's. It's a fresh modern take on the traditional courthouse step block. I've been slowly collecting an assortment of fabrics that could work.
This week's impulse sewing all started while I was searching for a particular fabric recently, and this delightful one caught my eye - a 1/2 metre of 'sweet dreams source code' in spark by Anna Maria Horner.

Using this fabric as my starting point, I faffed around sorting my collected fabrics, discarding ones that really glared and adding in others. It's not my usual bright & bold colour, more restrained, more greyish blue & soft greens, with lots of interesting low volumes.
The biggest hurdle for me has been finding big enough amounts of the neutral fabrics for those large sections inbetween the courthouse steps blocks. To give you an idea of size, the finished quilt measures 75.5" x 75.5" (1.92m x 1.92m).

Here's a few progress photos . . .

It's a quick machine project - perfect for this time of the year, when time to sew is minimal. There are five rows in total, only two more rows to go! 

Linking up with Alycia for 'finished {or not} Friday' over here and with Wendy for this weekend's 'peacock party' here and with Cynthia too for 'oh scrap' here. Have a great weekend, Linda

Wednesday 11 December 2019

wintersweet quilt - take two

I was never totally happy with my version earlier in the year of my "wintersweet' quilt, pattern by Jo from frankieandray and so, when I pulled out a little pile of 9-patch blocks from the cupboard, I decided to make another version.

On their own, they all looked a bit uninspiring. As I didn't want to waste them all, I added in an assortment of other fabrics from my stash and made up lots more 9-patches. I was trying to be mindful of getting some cohesion happening with all these assorted blocks, but other than playing with the light/medium/dark options, I just went for it.

 - on the design floor

-windy photo shoot

. . .  and again, it's not completely like the pattern, but I think it's certainly got Jo's informal scrapalicious vintage feel to it.  Linking up this week with Kelly for 'needle and thread Thursday' here. Until next time, Linda