Thursday 29 August 2013

Photo play

I have been wasting time today just playing around with all the endless possibilites using Picasa!!!  
Basically I would say I was technically challenged - but I have found that  if I spend enough time doing the same thing over & over I do get it in the end!! 
And I am having alot of fun just trying! 
Here's a few pics of my latest patchwork, both using simple shapes & made from assorted rosy florals, kind of reminiscent of my collection of vintage cups & saucers maybe?  

Wednesday 28 August 2013

simply sewing

I really wasn't going to sew today.... I think, well I know actually, that I'm just putting off the next stage in my "rose" quilt!!!!      There's a bit of hand sewing to do now,  i.e. stitching around the parameter of all those circles, then fitting a cardboard circle inside, drawing up the gathering hand stitching, pressing it all in place, and then hand sewing each one onto the I had planned to wash my hair/do groceries/ do housework, etc!!!!!
..... but then I started  looking at some books & magazines while I had my morning coffee, before I had started any of the aforementioned tasks!!!!   Kaffe Fasset's "Museum Quilts"  (English V & A coverlet and his version of it)  and the latest QuiltMania mag.
........and got busy !!

I used some of my old fabric stash here, Lecien & Yuwa, along with a few softer looking Moda fabrics. The simple rectangle bricks were 3 1/2" by 7 1/2 " each.  Sometimes I have found that if you just start sewing something simple, the fabric does the rest !!!!

Wednesday 21 August 2013

so sweet

Some time ago, well ages ago actually, we were all busy making candlewick baby quilts.  Delightful old- fashioned quilts, using lots & lots of french knots. My first candlewick quilt was sent over to England for my cousin's first baby & I also still have several finished blocks that I never got around to putting together into another wee quilt.
Glenys too had finished blocks that she hadn't done anything with either ...........until now!!!

.......they are all now put together, with complimentary solid sashings and a pretty print for the borders.  And this wonderful antique looking quilt will add a very special touch to any nursery I am sure! 

Friday 16 August 2013

It seemed like a good idea at the time

I'm still here....still working away at different projects!! 
I don't know about you, but i seem to get all these ideas in the middle of the night & just have to get them written down.  I have this book - given to me at a very early meeting of our Monday Modern group - into where everything goes....... ideas, & colour schemes, & plans, & "finish it " lists!!

I - like many others-  came away from the "Road to Colour" quilt show feeling v. inspired. And it suddenly seemed like a good idea to maybe give applique another go!  Never mind all the lists, never mind all the UFO's..................
I lent the pattern for a rather lovely Rose quilt - the centre all in applique then a variety of borders, some pieced.  It is all  hand done, but I don't have the patience for that. 
I sorted out my fabrics...started cutting out, ironing on the fusible stuff, centring the pattern, more cutting out......the preparation took me simply ages!!!   And now I remember why I hate applique!!!!!
But I had to keep going 'cos I just knew if I stopped I'd never start again!!!
The centre is now all stuck down and ready for machine sewing.

I'm undecided at present about any fabric for the unpieced borders, but I sorted out a selection ready for the "suger bowl" block borders. So I also cut these 9" square & one circle from each of the black/grey/off white fabrics and from each of the assorted coloured fabrics.   The circles I will do the old way, i.e. using a carboard template, handstitch around the perimeter & draw up, then iron, remove the cardboard, and slipstitch into place. Each is then cut into four segments, mixed up, & machine sewn all back together again into a 9" true patchwork style!!!  (you know - cutting up a lovely piece of fabric just to sew it all back together again!!!!)   ( the same, but different!!!).

I have used a few Kaffe Fassett fabrics, along with assorted random grey/blacks, a couple of solids, one gorgeous Anna Maria fabric, &  two lovely oriental- type fabrics for added variety.  

Saturday 10 August 2013


I went out to Cheryl's show " Road to Colour" today - what a lovely explosion of colourful quilts! There was a wide selection of Kaffe Fasset fabrics & patterns used, plus some other Westminster ranges. It was a non judged, fun exhibition. The quilt I loved the most was a pastel diamond one, forming dramatic rings of soft colour -really spectacular & so big! Can't show you pics because I don't have any individual permissions, but certainly "en masse" they all looked stunning!  
My triangle quilt was there too.....more a rather smaller "pop" of colour than an explosion, but the quilting really stood out! (thanx Annette!) 

Friday 9 August 2013


Once again I have got sidetracked!! 
I enjoy making scrappy quilts - a riot of colour where you notice the colours & the patterns, and you can hide past ugly fabric purchases and old fabrics!! This string quilt pattern recurs often, no planning just sewing strips together randomly. It was v. easy making the blocks, but required some sewing mileage to make enough!!!!  Here it is now all pinned & ready to quilt.

This little quilt is one I have just finished to pop into our upcoming quilt show - see link below

I love getting packages in the mail and this arrived not so long ago - a low volume pack from The Fat Quarter Shop/USA - 15 fat quarters.
They all look so lovely together I don't want to disturb them!!!! 

Here's the link to read all about our Monday Modern quilt show, on in September. 
New Quilts on Old Beds -