Sunday, 21 October 2018

sunday shopping and just a bit more ...

I don't often buy whole ranges of fabric, I prefer to personalise my projects by putting together a scrappy mix of fabrics from all over the place, however . . . this range caught my eye, 'English Garden' Rifle Paper Co. Cotton & Steel. No plans as yet. But it's so pretty.

This weekend I changed a few quilts around and put this 'leafyrosy in pastel' quilt on the bed. I needed to give this one a good shake out, it had been folded up for far too long.
It's interesting to look back at my different fabric choices. Like many, my tastes have evolved just as the variety of  fabrics available has dramatically changed.  
It's a well known Kaffe pattern but I didn't have any Kaffe fabrics, so I used a selection of fabrics available here in NZ at the time.

And finally, this 'star' quilt fell out of the wardrobe while I was looking for something else . . . I've only got four more blocks to make up, but I'm not too sure of what I actually did to make these!
I went to a workshop years ago, and there was a definite sequence to sewing the components. Anyways, I'll have a little play and hopefully things will work out. Then I can cross another old WiP off the list. Surely someone will want a dotty floral quilt, yes? 

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Sunday, 14 October 2018

slow Sunday stitching

All the components are sorted for my 'tulip' quilt now - the improv blocks are made, the borders are all ready, and I've made the binding.
Spending some time today slow stitching, doing some needleturn applique, enjoying the process, one tulip after another . . .

. . . and then I'll be ready to stitch everything together.

If you are a scrappy quilt lover, these string pieced tulips are such a great way to use up some fabric snippets. I've used mainly Anna Maria Horner little leftovers for this, some of her earlier fabrics, with lots of those {everso} useful neutrals.

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Thursday, 11 October 2018

how does your garden grow

I've started to work through a few unfinished projects lately. Ones where I can either bust out a few pesky scraps or maybe breathe new life into fabrics that I'm out of love with because they’ve languished in the wardrobe way too long.

You may remember this WiP from back here, these string pieced tulips have been floating around for some time now. I took a while to decide which way to go with these, red backgrounds or scrappy neutrals, and I had no idea even how to set them.
Not so long ago I spotted a quilt pattern in one of my old Quiltmania magazines no.90, "brooklyn follies' by Sheena Chapman. Her "new york beauty" blocks alternated with improv pieced blocks, something a bit different and it looked very effective.

So I decided to give it a go, and here's how it's all looking up on the design wall so far . . .

I've still got those three blocks on the left to finish up, with some improv narrow blocks inbetween, but I'm very pleased with how this is going. And, I'm thinking I need to add one more final outer border, something quite neutral. Oh, and I'd really love to add some green wide ricrac for a couple of the tulip stems.

My tulip garden is steadily growing,
and I'm so happy these string pieced tulips are getting a new lease of life

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Monday, 8 October 2018

my 'Ms Bouquet' quilt

This quilt started out as just a vague idea - an adventure in improv - using a large floral for the centre panel and it grew from there. I didn't know where I would end up, but wanted something like you see in vintage medallion quilts where random strips are added, linking the colours one border at a time. Of course, once I got started, things changed with every round!

A few quilt stats:
Fabrics included a quirky selection from my stash of vintage, ginghams and modern prints 
I used an "Outback Wife" floral as my starting point, hence the name "Ms Bouquet"
The backing is an old cotton duvet cover and I used a 'basic grey' fabric for the binding
Machine quilted in an overall swirly flower pattern by Sandy Mayo
and I have been slowly adding a few bits of extra big stitch hand quilting, using no.8 perle cotton
I'm a pattern follower not a pattern maker, but enjoyed dabbling with a little improv
{see back here for early details}
Quilt measures 66" x 60"

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Saturday, 29 September 2018

zigzag finish

Way back in December last year I dipped into my 'outback wife' fabrics to make my 'zig zag' quilt. These lovely barkcloth florals are a really interesting fabric, with a unique texture and vintage vibe. I loved reading the design stories about these fabrics too, like this one here about Elaine - follow the link to check out more.

I'm a big fan of LeeAnn from niftyquilts work and my initial inspiration for the 'zig zag' quilt came from this photo here that I had saved ages ago.

I had my quilt custom quilted by Leeanne from 'quiltmekiwi'. I find it’s always a tricky thing, deciding on a machine quilting pattern that doesn’t compete with or overpower the actual piecing. Leeanne-my-quilter lives up north, so we chatted via email quite a bit, with lots of photos going back & forth, before I settled on a quilting pattern.

And when it’s being quilted ‘away from home’ I never know if I’ve made the right decision until the quilt comes back to me. However, if you look closely I'm sure you will agree, the quilting on this is amazing. 

- meet Johnny, my little helper today

A few quilt stats:
Pieced by sewing up HSTs
 - lots of 'zigzag' tutorials can be found online, like this one here
Fabrics included 'outback wife' and a selection of other scrappy bits from my stash
I used a Jen Kingwell stripe that had been sitting in my stash for sometime for the binding.
Cotton batting
Finished quilt measures 52" x 62"
Heaps of inspiration for a 'zigzag' quilt can be found here
I'm very excited to get this one finished.

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