Wednesday, 20 October 2021

the start of something happy

Having trouble settling on one thought or idea at the moment, endless {lockdown} time means endless possibilities... but what to work on next? 
Some days, my best way forward is a simple in-between project. Today was one of those days 💖 

I decided to just jump in using my happy collection of Jennifer Paganelli fabrics, fabrics I love but have been reluctant to use so far. I'm cutting lots of big 5" squares and plan to join them randomly to make a quick throw quilt, a floral one-patch I guess. The perfect stash-buster pattern. And The. Perfect. Way to get me back sewing. 

Note to self: use your favourite fabrics... 'cos nobody can see them on the shelf!
And yep, I’m super happy to be finally   playing with  using these florals.
My only question now is... do I add in other fabrics for a real scrappy abundance of florals?

Until next time, Linda

Friday, 8 October 2021

"Another Story" quilt

-  loving how those bold fabulous florals ended up transitioning out to create a gentle glowing edge.

- and how about a scrappy back for the win!

- why use just one green when I can use 5 or even 9? 

- love a bit of fussy cutting

Quilt details:
"Another Story" quilt {a pattern by Joana from thimbles and needles}
- most quilters want to make a hexi quilt, at least once, yes?
I used {mainly} Anna Maria Horner's fabulous florals from my stash
Finished: October 2021.
Machine Pieced.
Machine quilted edge to edge in straight lines by Leeanne from quiltmekiwi,
Leeanne's thread choice was 'Cleopatra' a scrumptious gold/bark colour to blend, and it looks so good!
The binding is a yarn dyed stripe in gold, 'stitch in saddle' from warp and weft wovens fabrics
Quilt size: 50" x 59"
Such a sweet little finish!
Linking up my finished quilt with Kelly for NTT here and with Rebecca for TGIFF here
and with Wendy for this weeks 'peacock party' over here

Until next time, Linda

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

quilted #2

My current WiPs have taken a backspace this week - it's a quilting party over here! 

And my 'Norah' quilt top, which I finished in April 2020, was up next in the "to be quilted" queue, {see back here for earlier details}.
It's a real mix of fabrics in light-medium value fabrics from over my years of sewing. I love the way the four colours are used, one for each side of the quilt. I added in a couple of darker fabrics too, just some unexpected colour now & then to help with contrast.  
A super simple quilt to make & no maths to worry about!
Some bits of fabric are pieced to make up a row, you wouldn’t know it from looking at the whole thing, but it all adds to the charm of this quilt . . . and that's what quilting is all about to me!

I machine quilted simple straight lines round & round. And instead of using the dramatic black perle cotton of the original Norah quilt, I used a neutral colour thread as I wanted to continue with the soft sherbet-y look for my quilt. The quilting lines vary between 2"-3" apart, more open rather than dense, keeping the quilt soft and light enough for daily use. 

- and how about a scrappy back for the win!

- pics in the late afternoon sun

'Norah' quilt details:

This quilt was strip pieced in a large traditional log cabin style, 
{see here for details of the simple sewalong, no pattern}
It progressed very quickly and held my interest as I made colour decisions with every seam.
Cotton batting for that soft & snuggly feel
Keeping with the scrappy theme, the back is a hodgepodge of large scraps.
The black & white stripe binding adds a final bit of punch, a little nod to original black perle hand quilting.
Simple machine quilting by me
Finished quilt measures 147cms x 147cms {58" x 58".

Until next time, Linda

Sunday, 26 September 2021

and then there's the quilting...

And then there's the quilting... I think it’s super that some people are able to do beautiful work on their home sewing machine but I’m not one of them. This year though, I had planned (again) to quilt a few more quilts myself. And I've got a couple of quilts all layered & pin basted ready for machine quilting, but here we nearly at the end of September and I've not spent any time quilting!
Anyway, in a mad moment this weekend, I decided I'd give machine quilting another go. No, no, not FMQ as I really struggle with that! I was thinking more along the lines of lots of "organic" texture. 
This is a quilt that I pieced years ago, some of you may remember it, where I combined some early Liberty lawn fabrics with a solid cream/white cotton, {wink wink} I hadn't given the quilting any thought when I decided on that cream!
I have zero skills or tricks to share as far as how to machine quilt anything. 
My main concerns here were choosing line patterns where I didn't have to turn the quilt every few inches, and ensuring I was all set up so that the drag of the quilt didn't send me off kilter. Oh, and getting it all finished before my pins rusted! {Many thanks to Yvonne @quiltingjetgirl for all your +ve advice}.
For the quilting, I really wanted something to add some texture to all those cream -ve spaces. My goal was not to ruin the quilt top with my quilting. 
I decided on simple, straight lines, mimicking all of the straight lines in the quilt. I made the lines different in each open space, anywhere between 1/4" - 3"ish? apart, those lines definitely got wider apart as I worked my way out to the edges! 
I treated each little area as a practice run, and if something didn't work, I didn't do it again. Basically just making it up as I went along really.

… and I must say 
… I'm really ok with these organic quilting lines!

Here's a few things I learnt while stitching away:
  • This turned out to be a super quick and easy process, why did I put if off for so long? 
  • Organic straight lines are so fun! Especially since there's no pressure to keep them perfectly straight.
  • My first few blocks ended up with slight peaks in the middle, so I reversed things and started in the middle and worked my way out... Quilting101 right
  • It's certainly easier to focus on quilting small areas one at a time, like those 7" squares. BUT I ended up with heaps of threads to bury!
  • On chatting more with MrD - we had a lo-o-ong conversation about $$ v time spent - I've now worked out, it would have been heaps easier & quicker to simply travel along a seamline to get over to the next spot! Wished I'd thought of that yesterday!
  • While stitching long vertical lines from edge to edge is time consuming, it could be more practical from the point of view of burying those thread ends into the binding, yes? Something I'll definitely consider on my next quilt too. 
  • I'm thinking lots of simple and functional lines of stitching rather than decorative quilting is the way for me to go in the future!

Quilt details:
"Liberty Love"
Cotton batting to add that snuggle factor!
The backing was a big piece of vintage fabric I found in town at a 'sallie amani' shop, 
I'm unsure what sort of fabric it actually is, it's softer than a cotton. 
I finished the quilt with a black & white stripe for the binding, 
love the contrast with those itty bitty busy Liberty lawns
Machine quilted by me
Finished quilt measures: 60" x 52" 
Still threads to trim & bury, but I was so excited to share!
- linking up with Cyndy for 'oh scrap' here

If you managed to read right through to the end, thanks for not zoning out!
And because it's always fun to hear from you... what is your "go to" quilting design?


ADDIT: Options available for securing started/stopped lines of quilting - my personal method is to tie a knot and bury thread tails within the batting layer. I'm going to explore using a self-threading needle, from all the feedback I am getting they make this process quick and easy.

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Spring is in the air

Super happy with how this little quilt top turned out! 

I started out faffing about with a small selection of soft & dreamy 2-toned fabrics from Karen Lewis' recent collection "hand stitched". Loving how they look with my scrappy assortment of Liberty prints and a few other rogue florals, very much a Spring feeling vibe happening here 💐
And, I also like how those minimalistic "hand stitched" fabrics contrast with the itty bitty busyness of the Liberties too! 

A couple of the directional prints sure were a fun challenge in my ability to pay attention to what I was doing. In the end I just went with those little irregularities, all part of the handmade touch!

Maggie Pearl quilt
Finished quilt top measures: 40" x 56"
A quick & easy project that sure packs a scrappy punch!
{see here for the free pattern}