Thursday 30 December 2021

log cabins

Time for a quick blog update just before 2022 arrives! 

I'm ending the year with a bit of scrap magic!
Next to bind is my scrappy log cabin quilt 
- super excited to get another quilt almost to the finish line! 

- quilting close up

🎝 and- a- binding- we- will- go 🎝🎝

- progress collage

- backing pic

- I love fabric details 🔎👀

I loved making this quilt! 
Log cabins are so versatile, don't you think? The layout possibilities are endless, and with the right mix of fabric you can end up with a traditional, vintage or modern feel.   
And yes, it's lots of simple patchwork piecing … cut, stitch, press, trim … again and again... repetitive & easy. And at times over this past year, that sort of sewing was just what I needed. 

Scraps quilts are my favourite and the fabrics in this were all from my stash. There's a healthy sprinkling of Denyse Schmidt fabrics here - I find they are such a great mix of different colours and prints, perfect to add to my scrappy vintage look. I also added in smidgeons of gingham, Outback Wife, Kaffe & AMH, and lots of other random pieces from my scrap baskets. 

I used lots of neutral strips and muddy medium fabrics. To avoid a really murky quilt though, I included light lights and a selection of dark darks too... so yep, it's a bit of everything really!
I do love all of those busy prints all mixed in together creating wonderful patchwork. {wink wink} I'm definitely a quilter who likes to use those florals up!

I used a vintage blue/green solid for all the center blocks, love this shade. In a wildly scrappy quilt like this, a little touch of continuity helps sort out the chaos. And I followed through with my plan to pick up that green accent colour, and used a Tula Pink stripe in two tone greens for the binding.

My log cabin layout was totally inspired by Jolene blue elephant stitches. I finished piecing the top back in  June 2021 and eventually had it machine quilted by my friend Leeanne from quiltmekiwi in October 2021. Often all that a quilt really needs is an open flowing design to add texture and movement without overwhelming the piecing & fabric choices, and "gingersnap" worked really well here. 

Finished quilt measures 68" x 89" - I haven't made a quilt quite this big for a while!

I'll enjoyed slip stitching the binding down over the next few summer evenings, 
looking at all the sweet fabrics 
 … and wondering what 2022 will bring. 

As always, thanks for stopping by 
and thanks too all the +ve encouragement & taking the time to comment over the year.
Happy happy New Year

Saturday 18 December 2021

favourite finishes

We’re almost at the end of another year, and I’ve been having a little flick through all my makes this year. Lockdown life was a huge change in plans for many of us for 2021, and has certainly {un-expectantly} resulted in a few more "finishes" for me this year than I usually manage to do. 
Between Christmas and New Year, I'm joining in with Cheryl  highlighting 5 'best posts of 2021' - my personal favourite finishes from during the year.

My 'Norah' quilt was strip pieced in a large traditional log cabin style. I started in April 2020 finished September 2021. It came together very quickly and held my interest as I made those colour decisions with every seam.
I used cotton batting for that soft & snuggly feel and in keeping with the scrappy theme, the back is a hodgepodge of large scraps. 
I machine quilted this with simple straight lines, and then finished off with a black & white stripe for the binding, {a wee nod to the original which had lots of black perle handquilting}. 

The 9-patch has continued to be a favourite of mine too. '9patch remix' quilt is a modern rendition of the good old nine patch.
The piecing was a snap, no fuss no muss! What makes it special to me are the fabric combinations. I used lots of leftover geometric looking fabrics - a mash up of Carolyn Friedlander's fabric and Karen Lewis textiles - and teamed them up with a mix of Liberty and other flowery prints. It's a super geometric : floral combo! 

"Another Story" quilt is a real favourite too - I like how the solid green setting triangles give those yummy florals room to breathe. Love how some greens form stars too! 
It's a quilt I sent out this year for professional longarm quilting. I'm glad I chose this method of finishing because I would have agonised so much over the "how to quilt" decisions and would probably not have got it finish even now!
We chose organic straight lines in the end, nothing too fancy to compete with the florals, {thanks to Leeanne from quiltmekiwi, who has quilted quite a few quilts for me this year, 👍great team work!}
And now it's all finished and it's beautiful!

Another fav this year was my 'Bars and Strings' quilt {aka coin quilt} which I finished October 2021. I used a yummy mix of special Liberty prints, recycled shirts, fabrics from my stash and a couple of very early Laura Ashley fabrics... a simple idea in true utility scrap quilt fashion!
The machine quilting, "Ripples" edge to edge, gives the quilt more movement without being too distracting. It also has a vertical orientation which I really like as it pairs well with the columns of my quilt.


My latest 'finish' is my Jewel Box quilt, which has had the most "likes" over on my Instagram feed! I was very surprised that it got so much attention.
Just goes to show there’s still something to be said for taking a traditional block and freshening up the look!

So, these favorites of mine are staying here just now.  However during the year, I have also enjoyed donating several of my other quilts to Hospice here in Auckland. Some of you may remember that my daughter is a nurse there, and she just loves Giving. My. Quilts. Away!

Just added new quilt labels before the quilts left home - idea courtesy of mollisparkles over on ig here
Machine wash cold
Tumble dry low
Love on high

Don't forget to pop on over after Christmas Day and check out what's happening - and maybe link up your best 5 posts too - over at with Cheryl at The link party will open Sunday December 26th for one week ending on Sunday, January 2nd.

This will be my last post before Christmas, so wishing you all a safe & happy holiday

Friday 10 December 2021

from scrap basket to scrap quilt

Welcome everyone!

I've been focused on trying to use my stash for most of my sewing this year, trying to stitch up every last scrap of fabric goodness. Here's quilt #17 for this year, a personal best! And my last finish for 2021. 

From scrap basket to scrap quilt, this quilt is a real mix of prints, precious pieces, forgotten fabrics, dated designs, with a few designer ones thrown in for a special treat, you name it, I've used it! 
While it is a scrappy 'jewel box' quilt, I also aimed for at least half of the fabrics to be tones of either pink or grey {or a pink/grey combo print}, to help give an overall cohesive look.

I sent this quilt out for a spot of longarm quilting, and Leeanne from quiltmekiwi didn't disappoint with 'breezy' an open edge to edge pattern. 
I chose to back it with an earlier quilt top, primarily in matching pinks, grey & purple tones, my cfRayquilt that I pieced back in Dec 2020 {wink wink, one good way to deal to a quilt top waiting in the quilting queue!}
The binding choice was an easy one, a final bright pink "pop" of Tula stripe.
Finished quilt measures 58" x 65". 

- and there's a bit of a party happening on the back! 

Linking up with Rebecca for TGIFF here
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- enjoy checking out lots of other makes

Thanks for stopping by.
Until next time, Linda

Wednesday 8 December 2021

asking for a friend...

Is finishing a quilt paramount to you?
- just asking for a friend {wink wink}

- this one is such a pretty top, it deserves to get finished

- a simple top letting the fabrics shine

I know I'm process driven and feel {almost} no guilt about my little pile of quilt tops and existing WiPs, but a recent post from Rebecca at rebeccagracequilting got me thinking. 

Many of you are one-at-a-time quilters and the idea of having lots of projects on the go at once is a bit mind boggling. Others are hand quilters & hand piecing is the preferred method too, so taking a long time to make a quilt is all good. 
And then there are those like myself, who jump from project to project, with the theory maybe that "I never get bored" or "I love being able to pick up something depending on my mood". 
And going down a rabbit hole or even spotting a squirrel is so exciting that "I just had to stop everything and go with it". Hey, I've been there. Many. Times! 

And so of course, yes, I do have plenty of unfinished quilt tops, and works in progress as well - a few false starts, trial blocks, & ideas that never really left the starting block - all demanding some attention. I guess sooner or later I'll have to deal to these quilt tops too. 
But it's reassuring to know that I'll always have something here I can work on. Next year. Sometime. Maybe. 
In my defense, I must say that I do seem to get things finished in the end. As I was scrolling through Picasa for photos today, I had to acknowledge that many of my projects this year are all finished. Done & dusted. 

For me, it's all about playing with fabrics, mixing & matching until something works, sewing my stash and doing what makes me happy.

So hey, who else has quilt tops stacking up?
Love to hear your thoughts on this, Linda

Sunday 5 December 2021

a sweet finish

During our lockdown time here in NZ of 100 days+ my focus has been on simple sewing ✅
and letting the fabric do the work with interesting combinations 
And this sweet quilt ticks both those boxes!

Quilt Details:
"Sweetpea" Quilt {aka square in a square}
Pattern available at Queen of Fabric here
Finished quilt measurements  42” x 56” (106cm x 142cm)
Baptist Fan edge to edge quilting by  Leeanne from quiltmekiwi.
Batting - Wool/polyester 
Backing - scrappy vintage sheet leftovers
I wanted a soft mauve finish to this quilt, so for the binding I chose a very early cotton from my stash

Another quilt finished, and that makes it a total of 16 for 2021 so far
I might just manage to squeeze in one more 'finish' before the end of the year... fingers crossed 🤞 

Linking up with Cyndy for 'oh scrap' here

Monday 22 November 2021

on the design wall

I've been waiting so patiently for Jen Kingwell’s most recent book "Quilt Recipes" to arrive. Postal deliveries are fluctuating here in NZ at present but my book finally turned up last week.

And you won't be at all surprised to know that 
I fell down a rabbit hole this weekend, and started a new project 

I've been faffing about having fun sorting my fabrics for the #daylesfordquilt. It's a kind of chose your own adventure type of pattern.
What's not to love? A simple pattern where the fabrics do all the work!
I'm focusing on a minimal colour palette, beginning with a lovely scrappy coupling of peach & blues in gorgeous gradients of colour. 

So far I haven't got much further than the initial "fold & squint" part of the planning process.
More to come,