Monday, 22 November 2021

on the design wall

I've been waiting so patiently for Jen Kingwell’s most recent book "Quilt Recipes" to arrive. Postal deliveries are fluctuating here in NZ at present but my book finally turned up last week.

And you won't be at all surprised to know that 
I fell down a rabbit hole this weekend, and started a new project 

I've been faffing about having fun sorting my fabrics for the #daylesfordquilt. It's a kind of chose your own adventure type of pattern.
What's not to love? A simple pattern where the fabrics do all the work!
I'm focusing on a minimal colour palette, beginning with a lovely scrappy coupling of peach & blues in gorgeous gradients of colour. 

So far I haven't got much further than the initial "fold & squint" part of the planning process.
More to come,


  1. I ordered that book months ago and the service keeps posting that it is rescheduled. First I was to get it in late September on my birthday, then it was to be October then late October - then November - I need to check and see what it says now as I still haven't gotten it.

    1. My July order of a quilting book from the States (for which I picked slow-coach sea delivery) was finally delivered this week after NZ Post chucked it on a flight at no extra cost to me as it had been sitting in their depot in Seattle (?) for so long. I hope yours turns up soon!

  2. Is that centre floral print an AMH one? Colour and fabric choices are looking great.

  3. And a very nice rabbit hole you have fallen into Linda! I see that there are lots of posts around on this book but I wondered if it is mainly hand piecing. Whichever it looks to be a splendid addition to your quilting library!

  4. And here you go again, bring these luscious fabrics together like a boss!:)

  5. Very exciting when special mail arrives. great to see that you were inspired right away. Have a wonderful time.

  6. Very interesting start although I wonder how long the limited colour palette is going to last 🤔


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