Sunday 29 October 2023

a bold starry statement!

I'm attacking the Kaffe stash and making another bold starry statement, (wink wink) sort of unavoidable when you are using lots of Kaffes! Lots of pics from the design wall today so you can have a closer look at the fabrics ...

These offset 10" blocks are a little twist on the traditional way of setting a Sawtooth Star quilt, fingers crossed it will give my quilt some visual movement as well as classic charm. 

I'm actually super excited with these blocks! Along with the selection of "tired & old" Kaffe fabrics, you'll spot a few other assorted floral prints, and a few batiks, which I haven't used for years🤣. I'm trying not to be too fussy - well not too much - about what I pair up with what. 
It’s all a delicious mess of bright & pastel colour so far! So much better that these stash fabrics are used & seen though, rather than hiding in my cupboard or fabric baskets for years. 

The longer I quilt, the more appreciation I have for simple patchwork that lets the fabric do the work!
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Until next time, Linda

Wednesday 25 October 2023

a spot of DIY improv play

Next project up & running already.

I started out faffing around at the weekend with some strips & scraps I came across during a cleanup after my last sewing session. The. Most. Perfect. excuse to press pause on the cleanup, yes! 

I'd been itching to do some “just for fun” improv sewing. My improv play this time was inspired by flicking through class photos from the talented Sheena @cloudstreet53and a 2015 tutorial by Rita from redpepperquiltsand this delightful quilt pic 👇 Housetop: Fractured-Medallion Variation Quilt c. 1955 Delia Bennett (American, 1892–1976).

I love the look of improv log cabin quilt blocks, specifically fractured log cabins. I began sewing the (mostly) AMH strips together in a light/dark sequence to make up some 9 1/2" quarter log cabin blocks. But ... like with most improv ... I didn't really know where this was going to end.

Not wanting to go too wacky, I chose a selection of greens for the sashing & the squares to ground all my multi-coloured bright florals. Love the mix of scrappy florals & spot! 
I auditioned several fabrics to use as possible borders, and happily found the wonderful AMH stripe (Chamomile, Pretty Potent collection) that worked in so well with my greens and brights. 
Must admit though, the border situation was a tad problematical, as I didn't want a square quilt, and so I had to do some creative joining to make my AMH stripe work.


 and ta da, my flower-market quilt top

I've had lots of improv fun playing over the past couple of days!
For once, everything fell into place nicely
 - I think having some sort of colour scheme in mind really helped the process. 

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Friday 20 October 2023

letting my scrappy side run wild!

Loved the quirkiness & fun with this stitchalong, see here for more details. It's been exciting to make each 6" Ohio Star block over the past few weeks, and I've learnt a lot while exploring and working on these "no rules" blocks. 

- inspiration antique crib quilt

Each block invites one to look a little closer, at the placement decisions that were made as well as at the colour combinations. All the different elements seem quirky & random, and interestingly, no busy florals.  And like many, while I've been making my scrappy wild blocks, I've been wondering what the original quiltmaker was thinking.

It was way out of my comfort zone to make an Ohio Star block where one hourglass had been flipped sideways(!), and many of the blocks had 14-16 different fabrics, with only one block having four fabrics, but the end results are delightful.

While most have been digging deep in their stash to make each block look like the originals, I went a bit rogue and am making mine with more of a vintage vibe.

- OMG how sweet is this looking? 
I've made 16 out of the 20 blocks, but I simply had to share!

- on the design floor

Just need to make & frame up my last four blocks *
and then I'll start assembling them all into a small quilt top.

I'm finally at the finish line!

block 20
4 different fabrics ✅
blue stripe✅

Until next time, Linda

Wednesday 18 October 2023

stash stars: update

Regular program has been resumed ... and I'm back making more stars.
There’s a simple formula for my stars made from my stash. They are 12 1/2" Ohio Star blocks, all with a "lacy-like" background fabric and blending or contrast solids if I can. 

Here's a few progress photos of my lace & stars WiP, 
(wink wink) I may have gotten a little snap happy!

After some trial & error, sashing & cornerstones have been figured out.
My cornerstones are from a much-loved pastel rainbow silky plaid, ✂️first time I've used it anywhere.

And ... all quilts need a bit of black & white stripe, yes?

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Until next time, Linda

Saturday 14 October 2023

making it work

Went a bit off-piste this week, breaking back into a few unfinished projects. Hopefully with a new twist. 
First up, I relooked at my 4patch blocks (a 'penny patch' variation, see back here in December 2022). I was all set to start joining them together, but things still weren't really working for me. 

Then I had an idea! 
And the next thing I knew, I was faffing around shuffling my blocks around down on the "design" floor! I put most of the really light blocks/fabrics all to one side and began laying out my 4patch units. Some deconstruction was required (= unpicking & resizing), had to happen given my change in direction! 

This sweet selection of blues & purples has been on my mind for so long, it felt good to get them out of my head and rearranged pleasingly. Some blocks are definitely high contrast, but not all, resulting in a subtly broken chain. 
I do love mixing up all the different fabrics too, old & new Tilda, Liberty, Kaffe, AMH, along with a little gingham to achieve a real vintage floral look. Here's a few pics of how things progressed ...

- I'm a great believer if you run out, find something else close enough to work 

- I tossed in a few non-florals to get more contrast working

After a little more tweaking ... it works for me now 
... very much💕

Sunday 8 October 2023

stash stars


Three new blocks to add to the bunch.
happy sewing