Wednesday 31 March 2021

backing & binding, oh and a finished quilt too!

Super happy to have another quilt finish to show you. 
Here's the back of the quilt. . .

and the binding . . .

Oh, and here's the front of the quilt . . .

 - closeup progress photos

For my 'many trips around the world' quilt I decided to use an old-ish quilt top for the backing. I had made it back in April 2014.  It was a mix of ideas & blocks, all blending together but I never really liked it when I had finished it. It went to where all unfinished projects go, the wardrobe, and stayed there for quite a few years. 
Recently, when I was sifting & sorting through the wardrobe, I spotted it and decided I could use this top on the back, #partyinthequiltback! 

I had Leeanne from quiltmekiwi add some quilting. From the front you mainly see straight lines, diagonal, quietly crossing over each other. I like that the quilting does not distract at all from the patchwork, but subtly compliments it from the front. 

The binding was my last chance to highlight my favourite colour in this quilt.⁣ I chose a yummy grape fabric, 'inventory' from AMH's conservatory range. It also worked well with the back, an added bonus around here!
Finished quilt size 48" x 62". 

Love the idea of the reverse side of a quilt getting it's moment in the spotlight too!
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Until next time, Linda

Wednesday 24 March 2021

'flowers on her fence' quilt


- Saint Croix Collection by Julie Wallace for Yuwa

- not too much left of that skirt now! 

Another project started. Hm-m-m- too many ideas! I've got terribly sidetracked this week looking at lots of improv ideas and quilts made from recycled fabrics. This little improv quilt is totally inspired by the artist Heidi Parkes, she has such an interesting approach to quiltmaking. 

I do love a simple quilt that allows you to explore your creativity. I've made 12" rail fence blocks in three colours, mixing cottons with assorted denim. 
I started out with a metre or so of the cream Yuwa floral that I had stuffed away in the wardrobe for over 10 years. I had purchased it at a closing down sale but was never quite sure what to do with it. Finally, I had a reason to use it and it became my focus for this.
Super excited to then team it up with my husband's old jeans and a denim skirt, an op shop find years ago! 
I also had a good sized piece of the yummy gold/mustard solid, and when I ran out of that fabric I simply continued on with something similar.  You will notice too there are several shades of denim, all adds to the interest, don't you think?

When I'm piecing, I'm normally press to one side, the darkest side, but luckily about 1/2 way through I remembered that tip about opening out denim seams. It certainly makes joining smoother and not so bulky. . . and I only broke one two needles! 
Finished size 60" x53". 

I did find I couldn't be quite as carefree as Heidi was in her lovely quilt, it has a real Gees Bend look about it. Still, I went as wonky as I was comfortable with. And many thanks to Heidi for all her +ve encouragement with this project of mine. I've downloaded the pattern for her Vignettes quilt which will take me right outta my comfort zone I'm sure, but I'm looking forward to the challenge! 

Until next time, Linda

Wednesday 17 March 2021

capturing the quilty softness

I'm still on a "finish what you start" roll at present!
Here's my latest finish, 
a simple 'coin' quilt made from saved scraps of fabric I've used over the years

I started this quilt top {probably} about 6 years ago, and "rediscovered" the top in the wardrobe recently when I was looking for something else. I had it quilted last week, and added the binding on this week. 

It's a quilt made from strips & strings out of the scrap basket under my sewing table, lots of low volume fabrics and plenty of pops of colour. I ended up with a crazy mishmash of some pretty, some neutral, and some mighty ugly fabrics! 

I had it quilted in an edge to edge pattern called 'loop to loop' by Leeanne from 'quilt me kiwi'And for my binding I chose 'Postage Due' a very useful early AMH fabric from her Dowry collection, in blues with a warm gold and rust. The finished quilt measures 48" x 60".

I had a bit of fun taking the photos for this quilt, from the usual flat shots that show the piecing & my fabric choices through to trying to capture the softness of my quilt . . .

- a progress collage

- binding & backing close-up

 "the drop" - hm-m- capturing a pic of a falling quilt is not as easy as it sounds!

"the bundle" - a folded quilt can give you a sense of the added layers of comfort & depth

- time to make the bed! 

*I listened in to "SOFT BULK: a quilt conversation with Luke Haynes, Zak Foster, and Heidi Parkes" recently - I found lots of ideas for taking quilt photos, such an interesting take on how quilts can look in our spaces and in our homes, follow the link over here.

Until next time, Linda

Wednesday 10 March 2021

soft & scrappy log cabin

I'm on a "finish what you start" roll at present and am super happy to be finishing up my soft & scrappy log cabin today. This was a small in-between project that I started back in October 2019. Lots of log cabin 12" blocks, a simple design but always a favourite. It's a real mix of old & new fabrics, all in whispery light low volumes and pastels, all from the scrap basket.

I had it machine quilted in the 'bapist fan' edge to edge pattern by Leeanne from 'quilt me kiwi'. I chose 'apron Berta' Sunday in the Country by Nathalie Lete for Anna Maria's Conservatory collection for my binding, it seems to draw out the warm toasty colours really nicely as well as highlight those little "pops" of blue. 
The finished quilt measures 43" x 53", another small throw size. Linking up with Kelly for 'needle and thread Thursday' here and with Wendy over here for this weekends 'peacock party'. 

Until next time, Linda

Saturday 6 March 2021

little quilts

I decided I'd get in early this year and have a few quilts all ready & waiting for unexpected gifts. So, I sent four little quilt tops 'up north'  to Leeanne from quiltmekiwi for her to add some quilty texture. They arrived back home this week and I'm slowly adding the bindings on.

I know that some people aren't so into making little quilts, and that's fine, but I find working small is a great motivator. I can try out a new technique, a new idea, and it takes a lot of pressure off financially & timewise for me. Plus, I usually get a little quilt all totally finished! 

Here's a few photos of the quilt I finished today, another 'aunt bet's' quilt, I just love the whimsical scrappiness of this pattern! So simple and it seems to work well with any combination of fabrics! {this is my third version!} Follow the link if you are keen to see the original  Aunt Bet's Quilt, by Frankie and Ray

I used an early Amy Butler fabric for the binding, Hammock Stripe from her Gypsy Caravan collection. The backing is a wide backing supplied by Leeanne. And I had it quilted in the 'baptist fan' edge to edge pattern.
The finished quilt measures approximately 48" x 60", which is the perfect size for a smaller throw quilt. 

Linking up with Wendy for this weekend's 'peacock party' here and with Cyndy for 'oh scrap' over here.

and here are my other two earlier versions of 'aunt bet's' quilt . . .

Until next time, Linda