Wednesday, 31 March 2021

backing & binding, oh and a finished quilt too!

Super happy to have another quilt finish to show you. 
Here's the back of the quilt. . .

and the binding . . .

Oh, and here's the front of the quilt . . .

 - closeup progress photos

For my 'many trips around the world' quilt I decided to use an old-ish quilt top for the backing. I had made it back in April 2014.  It was a mix of ideas & blocks, all blending together but I never really liked it when I had finished it. It went to where all unfinished projects go, the wardrobe, and stayed there for quite a few years. 
Recently, when I was sifting & sorting through the wardrobe, I spotted it and decided I could use this top on the back, #partyinthequiltback! 

I had Leeanne from quiltmekiwi add some quilting. From the front you mainly see straight lines, diagonal, quietly crossing over each other. I like that the quilting does not distract at all from the patchwork, but subtly compliments it from the front. 

The binding was my last chance to highlight my favourite colour in this quilt.⁣ I chose a yummy grape fabric, 'inventory' from AMH's conservatory range. It also worked well with the back, an added bonus around here!
Finished quilt size 48" x 62". 

Love the idea of the reverse side of a quilt getting it's moment in the spotlight too!
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Until next time, Linda


  1. Loving this quilt!! Think I like the back better than the front 😂😂😂

  2. What a lovely "reverseable" quilt. I love it

  3. This really is a fantastic two-sided quilt Linda! I also think I love the back better than the front. I think it is interesting and very graphic!

  4. What a lovely double sided quilt--I do like that TAW side a lot--such nice soft colors...very nice work hugs, Julierose

  5. that is interesting to have another top be the back - and they look perfectly together - a great way to use one that you didn't care for.

  6. I've been thinking about using another quilt top for the backing of a quilt, and I'm so glad to see you doing that with such great success! I love your two sided quilt - both sides are beautiful!

  7. Spotted this beauty on Instagram this am, it really is a stunner and the back, wow, what a great idea to use an 'unwanted' older quilt top.

  8. It's a terrific quilt, both sides! Such a great mix of fabrics. I think the simple quilting is perfect for it. What a win-win.

  9. This is a wonderful quilt! It's perfect for enticing someone to take a break, drape it around them, and have a good read. And I love the use of two quilts together: a beautiful mix. I love it!

  10. That is a lovely finish - both front and back. I like the idea of them being reversible. It works so well.

  11. Wow, what a fabulous quilt. I love the back, such a great mix of blocks and contrasts. The front is beautiful too. I hope you will sometimes use the quilt to show each side of the wonderful reverse quilt.


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