Saturday, 3 April 2021

found treasure

So much progress this week, here's a few photos . . .

I've enjoyed collecting fabrics together for this. And . . . I found treasure hiding in my scrap baskets … one piece of Phillip Jacobs "delphinium" floral,  two very early vintage Laura Ashley cottons I'd been hoarding over the years {a fortuitous find}, three deconstructed work shirts, four pretty Liberty's, and a bunch of pre-sorted soft blue & lavender prints (probably from some early quilty idea that never came to fruition!). Loved combining all these interesting textiles together. 

Inspired by both Heidi Parkes {see here} and the Gee's Bend improv style of quilting {see here}, I made a variation of a bars and string-pieced columns quilt. 
I started out focusing on those two floral Laura Ashley cottons as a compass for my colour palette. But then {wink wink} it all sort of took off, running riot everywhere … and now it's a delightfully overgrown garden!

Linking up with Wendy for this weekends 'peacock party' here.
Happy Easter, Linda


  1. How wonderful that you found all of that treasure and were able to incorporate it into your quilt!

  2. Such a fun start to your quilt. You've got fun weekend of sewing ahead.

  3. I just enjoy looking at all the lovely fabrics!

  4. Love your 'overgrown' garden quilt Linda, beautiful mix of fabrics.

  5. This is sublime. I had a stack of soft florals pulled for a fleeting idea but re-stashed them. I just might pull them out again later this year as I adore coins quilts and am feeling inspired by yours.

  6. Loving this! Such a serene quilt. A coin quilt like this is on my list!

  7. Your twist on a Coin Quilt is great. I like the way you have pieced a run of the same two fabrics dotted around the columns. A different idea which makes the eye focus more on all the lovely individual fabrics. You have a wonderful eye for colour and placement, Linda - a real artist!


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