Thursday, 22 April 2021

full on crazy patchwork

The sun is shining and my quilt top is finished. 

I've always loved the humble nine patch. I added to my little pile of blocks this week, they were fast & so much fun to make. And I ended up with 42, definitely enough to make a quilt with. 

There's lots of Liberty bits in this, the simple shape goes so well with timeless Liberty - traditional and modern at the same time! I've also padded things out just a little with Outback Wife & AMH fabrics, and teamed everything up with co-ordinating geometric prints for added contrast.  
Once I decided on how I was going to set my blocks, {i.e. not to add in any fabric for the alternate blocks or any additional borders, see this earlier post} I set to joining them all together today. 

But as we all know, the choices really didn't just stop there. There were lots of ways I could have joined the blocks all up … I could have alternated the warm & cool blocks or gone with the iconic checkerboard layout by switching between 5 & 4 darker square blocks (both of which I did do in a few random places).
And of course, {wink wink} don't tell anyone, but things may have got slightly muddled when I moved the blocks one by one from the 'design floor' up to the sewing machine! In my defense, I was hurrying as the three grandchildren were coming over - its school holidays here in NZ - and I wanted everything up off the floor before they ran riot!  

… however, and I was finally very definite on this one, today I was always aiming for that full on crazy patchwork look.  

- in the late afternoon sunlight

Full on crazy patchwork, inspired by Karen Lewis
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Until next time, Linda


  1. I like this top a lot, just simple blocks in a random layout, just lovely.

  2. A simple nine patch is the perfect showcase to pretty fabric! Lovely!

  3. What a beautiful finish on your 9-patch...I like its scrappy feel...nice work
    hugs, Julierose

  4. the nine patch always makes a wonderful quilt as does yours

  5. I love it! 9 patch is so much fun to play with.

  6. I love 9 patches as simple and easy to show off color and design

  7. I agree completely -- I can never get tired of 9 patches! So versatile; they can look so different depending on fabric choices and setting options. Great way to use up those last precious Liberty crumbs!

  8. Well, it worked! I know I’m guilty of spending far too much time checking that I haven’t put two alike fabrics beside each other but I invariably find I have done just that when I look at the sewn up flimsy! Great top, Linda.

  9. I never tire of seeing designs using 9 patches. Lots of delightful combinations.

  10. Can't beat a 9 patch and this one is a beauty!


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