Wednesday 30 January 2013

Houston we have a problem!!!!

I rushed this!!!! 
We are all busy making Bee blocks for Laurina /Monday Modern group,  and I just jumped in without really thinking this thru!.  oops, silly me as the instructions were oh so clear, but I ended up with 8 pie segments rather than 6 ....I had used the wrong ruler, the 45 degree instead of the 60 degree ruler!!   Too many rulers!!
So I had a wee panic and then thought I'd better make this right!!
Luckily I had some of the green fabric and was able to supplement the black & white fabric from my stash, and so I started again. Slowly......with the right ruler.......

...and ended up with two lovely hexi blocks, 6 pie segments in each!!!!

Saturday 12 January 2013

Charm Squares quilt

Our Monday Modern group meet this coming week and a few of us have been making little quilts to donate to the families who were affected by the cyclone at Hobsonville earlier in December.
I took a wee break from sewing the "big" quilt & made this little baby Charm Squares quilt to donate.
I've made several of these to give away and I have found that using a variety of fabric combinations makes each one just that little bit different. This time I used some of the fabrics from the "Nursery Versery" collection by Heather Ross, along with a few other assorted stripes/ginghams/dots. All I need to do now is sit down tonight & hand sew the binding in place.
So simple, so quick, and yet so cute!!!!

Tuesday 8 January 2013

good old Log Cabin Quilt!!!!

The Log Cabin quilt has always been a real favourite of mine!!  be it traditional, vintage or modern.
At present, I am working on a version called "Converging Corners",    which was Glenys choice for our Monday Modern group a few months ago.

My daughter has requested a "large" quilt for her king size bed, so I thought this would fit the bill nicely.
It's a lotta large 15" blocks......with a lot of white......and using up a lot of scrap fabric too!!!!!


When I started this blog it was souly to chat about quilts.....
but we have just had the most tasteist dinner tonight!!  So I thought i would share......

Lamb & Kumara Pizza  (Sophie Gray/ Taste magazine, July 2012).
I used a frozen thin pizza base, which made it oh so quick & simple too!
Onto the  pizza base, spread a combination  of beetroot relish and passata sauce, then add lamb mince on(which was first cooked until browned & crumbly), along with garlic, mint, & roasted diced kumara. Finally top everything with grated tasty cheese & extra mint.
Such a yummy combination!  
And I served it with a green salad.

Oh,  and I have been sewing too........