Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Houston we have a problem!!!!

I rushed this!!!! 
We are all busy making Bee blocks for Laurina /Monday Modern group,  and I just jumped in without really thinking this thru!.  oops, silly me as the instructions were oh so clear, but I ended up with 8 pie segments rather than 6 ....I had used the wrong ruler, the 45 degree instead of the 60 degree ruler!!   Too many rulers!!
So I had a wee panic and then thought I'd better make this right!!
Luckily I had some of the green fabric and was able to supplement the black & white fabric from my stash, and so I started again. Slowly......with the right ruler.......

...and ended up with two lovely hexi blocks, 6 pie segments in each!!!!


  1. Great save, Linda and I love the b&w fabric from your stash. Those octagons are pretty cool me an idea...

    1. Glad you are ok with the B& W fabric!!! see you Monday, L

  2. Well done for coming up with a great octagon pattern.

  3. I've yet to do mine so it's good to have this warning in mind so I don't do the same! Love the final result. :)

  4. That is hilarious - exactly the kind of thing I do! Your blocks look great.


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