Friday 28 July 2023

Daylesford quilt top

And she’s done!

The #daylesfordquilt top was a fun wandering path as I went around and around making another large improv log cabin quilt. You can find info for this pattern in Jen's book here at amitie textiles. {And some of you may remember an earlier Daylesford quilt that I made May 2022 in mellow colours of peachy-pinks, blues & browns with "pops" of mustard, see back here}

I loved working with this bright & bold colour combo inspired by jo_broz on ig. I hunted high & low in my sewing baskets for some of my most treasured fabrics for that mood I was looking for palette-wise. So, it's a real mix now of fabrics, old & new, designer, florals & geometrics!
Many of you have asked about the bird floral at the center. It’s a rich fabric designed by Odile Bailloeul from the Jardin de la Reine collection.  Loving the play of colour in this quilt top.
Finished quilt top measures approx. 60" x 68".  Linking up with Cynthia for 'oh scrap' here

Thank you to everyone who took a moment or two out of your day to comment on my last couple of posts 💖

Tuesday 25 July 2023

colourful fabric party!

I find I swing often between delightful vintage florals and muted colours to these wonderfully bright and bold colours, it all depends on the mood I am in palette-wise.

The Daylesford quilt pattern is certainly the perfect one to let your imagination run wild with. I am following the inspiration quilt fairly closely, but it's still an exciting challenge getting my fabrics to work together. For me the fabrics tend to dictate the next row, but even so, I have unpicked a couple of rows as I've added more. 

There's quite a party on the design floor this week
💃 🎝🎝💃
Enjoy the progress photos ...

 but wait, there's more ...

That’s as far as I got yesterday and I’m happy with it.
Linking up my progress with Kelly for NTT here at myquiltinfatuation

Friday 21 July 2023

improv log cabin

I started a new fun project this morning. I'm stitching up a large improv log cabin quilt, loosely following the Daylesford pattern by Jen Kingwell, with some of my own modifications. {some of you may remember an earlier Daylesford quilt that I made May 2022 in mellow colours of peachy-pinks, blues & browns with "pops" of mustard, see back here}

This is a great way for using up all those bits and pieces of treasured fabrics in my stash. I started with gathering & ironing scraps that went with my feature bird fabric, Jardin de la Reine by Odile Bailloeul. I'm enlarging some of my borders slightly depending on what fabrics I have here. I'm playing with a bright & bold colour combo inspired by jo_broz on ig {with permission}.  Loving the contrast of the hot pinks with teal. 

I'm enjoying a spot of simple sewing 
and this will keep me busy for what looks likely to be a wet weekend. 

Thursday 13 July 2023

crosses and pluses and roses, oh my!

Almost there! 

Once I had the blocks all joined together, I started thinking about adding a border or two. My 1st border was a fabric I've been wanting to use for ages in a quilt, 'boscage' by Katrina Rochelle. A quirky choice perhaps - but I just love the contrast of the animal print with all those florals 🐾🌸 🐾🌺🐾
I faffed about trying to decide on the final floral border, auditioning a few but as usual settled on my first pick! I chose the AMH rosy-pink 'Social Climber', its large-scale rose design breaks up nicely in even segments throughout the border.
Quilt top measures approx. 73" x 63". 

- in the afternoon sunlight

Linking up with Kelly for NTT here
Until next time,


Thursday 6 July 2023

x and + ...the scrapbasket version

Finishing up a few WIPs means I can start new ones, right? 

This is a quilt I’ve actually wanted to make for ages. Have you made an x and plus quilt? Remember a few years ago when every other person seemed to be making one? Scrappy quilts like this are my absolute favourite.

I do love a quilt where I can make one block at a time, whenever the scrappy combos happen to occur to me. 
I'm working from my scrapbaskets, throwing every style of fabric into the mix. The fabrics I’ve pulled are mainly selected with an eye for medium - light colours, with little accents in something darker. It’s a great exercise and a step back again from my usual bold brights. 
It's also an exciting block to make... Sometimes the X shows up. Sometimes the plus shows up. I'm being quite random with the placement of my fabrics, lots of colour and value differences keeps my eye engaged, but I am sticking with the same background fabric to calm things a little.

Nine down, eleven to go! I'm super how with they’re all playing with each other so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing more made and put together.

Saturday 1 July 2023

nine little trips

Another quilt top ticked off my long list. 
I started out using Emma @treehouse textiles pattern, the long weekend quilt as my inspiration. I changed things up a bit though - my squares are a smaller size, which meant I ended up with nine little 'trip around the world' blocks, rather than Emma's four larger 'trip around the world' blocks.
Loving this delightful vintage-y pink/blue/brown combo. I teamed up an eclectic mix of fabrics, old & new. {wink wink} You may spot the odd perfectly imperfect block mixed in here too! 
Those of you who have been sewing for a few years may also recognise both the fabrics I chose for my setting triangles, a chintz Cranston print and 'Kindred Spirits' Moda. I had to dig deep to find these as I don't have many appealing softer browns in my stash.

I used a sweet vintage sheet my aunty gave me for my backing, a super way to repurpose a vintage sheet! And am really happy with my simple straight-line quilting, very soft & snuggly.  A narrow blue & white stripe was perfect for my binding. 
Finished quilt measures 60" x 60".