Friday 27 April 2018

fabric on Friday

- so cute!

A lovely fabric bundle arrived this morning from Cottoneer Fabrics, 'rose bud' with blush rose pinks and earthy camel tones. Such a dreamy combo, carefully curated in a combination of cotton, linen, and merino wool textures. I can't wait to use these prints together . . .

Outback Wife Elizabeth in Pink/White (Cotton/Merino Wool Blend)
Dear Stella Scallop Dot in Rust
Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend In Leather
Ombre Confetti Dots In Sand
Cotton & Steel Add It Up In Taffy
Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend In Berry
Onnanoko Girl In Rose Pink
Anna Maria Horner Illuminated Graph In Metallic Fog
Yarn-Dyed Gingham Checkers In Chalkboard

Have you stumbled across any lovely fabric finds too lately?

Tuesday 24 April 2018

a little more whimsy

I'm finally back to this today

I've been making these 'whimsy' blocks on & off now since June last year. They are from a quilt in Judy Newman's new book, 'quilts made for life made with love'- see here for more details.

I'm using lots of large florals and blending itty bitty prints. There are a couple of cheeky inset seams which I seem to have mastered now. I've found I need to use a scant 1/4" seam and pressing all the little sections as I go really helps. And machine piecing them goes a lot smoother if I leave adding those red & white stripe corner triangles til the very last.

With these four new blocks I've got a total of 25 now . . .

and here's a group photo so far . . .

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Wednesday 18 April 2018

sew stitch snap SHARE #24

Happy Wednesday and welcome to Sew Stitch Snap SHARE.

This week I've been busy with my improv 'floral medallion' quilt. I had made up four borders to surround my central floral piece (see back here ) but then I felt a little unsure about what to do next.

I promised my daughter I wouldn't buy anything extra for this quilt, and that I would 'shop my stash' instead, and she has checked in often to see that I stick to it too! So it was back to my stash baskets for something that would carry over my colour(s).

I tried not to overthink the whole improv process, and this next border ended up as two simple rows of 'square in a square' liberated blocks inspired by Gwen Marston.
Gwen's method proved very forgiving when it came to fitting the borders around what I had already pieced so far, there was lots of extra background for trimming.

I decided to use more of my quirky vintage fabrics that I had used in the crazy pieced 2nd border, along with an assortment of low volumes with a hint of yellow/gold. My final border was an AMH fabric 'Baby Bouquet' from her Folk Song collection.

It's a bit different, with it's bright funky fabric mix, no pattern but vaguely log cabin style, and I think I prefer it to the technically perfect! The quilt top ended up quite large so it's gone today to the quilters. Oh, and I did do it . . . no new fabric was bought during the making of this quilt!

That's it from me this week, time now for another Sew Stitch Snap SHARE

A little bit of news about our regular fortnightly link up before we get into the fun show and tell. Julie and I have decided to alternate hosting this link up, beginning Wednesday 2 May with me here at kokaquilts hosting the next one. This gives us a little less pressure to continually be creating, and to be able to focus on family, friends and food oops, life

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Saturday 14 April 2018

floral medallion, an adventure in improv

While unpacking my quilting books recently, I came across "Liberated Quiltmaking II" by Gwen Marston and I was once again captivated with Gwen's free-form, innovative approach, especially with her liberated medallions. Further improv posts recently by Ann from fretnotyourself and Kaja from sewslowly have inspired me (again) to try a bit of improv.

This idea of a floral medallion quilt has been simmering away in my mind and down on the 'desigh floor' for a while now. 

Fabric selection started with using my stash. I chose a lovely 18" floral outbackwife fabric  for my centre. And then I've been slowly planning one border at a time.
The first border was an easy decision for me. I had two pieces of fabric in my stash, and while years apart, I felt they worked well to bring out the colours in my centre section. I've used a small print "Christine" a recent Outback Wife fabric and an older fabric, 'Dashing Roses' from Art Gallery.

Next up, from the 'spare parts' basket, a crazy pieced border
made up of quirky vintage fabrics, ginghams and modern prints.

Then things got a bit tricky. I don't know about you, but I can't seem to be able to sew a bit and then work out the next bit as I go. I like to have an overall idea of where I'm heading before I sew anything, so I lay everything out first on the 'design floor'.
Plans do have a way of changing. And, to be honest, these borders have changed many times over the past week, thank goodness I didn't actually cut & sew anything together - improv is certainly not as easy as it looks {sigh}.

I audtioned several fabrics for the third border, but most seemed to me to swamp the centre floral piece. At the moment I'm thinking of using a variety of yellow fabrics, to help draw out those warm golds in the centre. They will all be in different lengths as I don't have enough of anything to go all the way around, the main one here is Bari J. Ackerman, Sage, Yuma Lemons in Mist . . .

Some of my strips of fabric ran short so I added a few wonky corner flying geese and extra fabric. I also want my borders to all be different widths and I'm really excited about adding some 'kantha' style quilting to the centre floral square, but that's a little way off yet.

. . . and then another border of an oldish Anna Maria Horner fabric from the stash basket,
something a bit crazy different, maybe

I haven't yet figured out what happens after the fourth border, I keep telling myself evaluation & consideration are all part of the process. After several changes & some discussion with my "personal colour consultant" (aka my daughter), I think I can now safely say I'll be stitching this up soonish . . . it's either that, or I continue to walk around it for a few more days/weeks!

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- I'd love to hear about your experiences with improv too

Saturday 7 April 2018

does this go with that?

This weekend I'm focusing on getting a few more my 'flying geese' blocks made. I used the 'no waste flying geese' method, see this easy tutorial here. I had planned on making just a few now & then, but these blocks are a bit addictive and as I read on IG here at janburgwinkle's feed, making them is indeed "like a bowl of jelly beans", and I too can't seem to stop at just one or two.

Lots of my scrappy pieces of Anna Maria Horner fabrics are going into this top, and I initally spent a bit of time pulling out fabrics, trialling different combinations, some clashy, some more blended, wondering does this go with that, or not?

In the end I just went with my gut feeling.

After looking at that b&w pic above of what I had pieced so far, I decided I needed to use a few 'neutral' lighter fabrics to help defuse that 'hot mess' look and create some more contrast . . .

And one fabric that ended up being very useful was AMH's 'misguided gingham' - don't you just love the name?

Still quite a few more blocks to go yet, 
but here's a peep of how it's all looking now up on my design wall . . .

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Wednesday 4 April 2018

sew stitch snap SHARE #23

Not too much to share from my sewing room, however I did have a little bit of a late night chopping spree one evening over the weekend. I'm prepping for a new project, something that's been on my 'to do' list for ages now.

And when I have a few spare minutes I can just pop in and stitch up a few blocks. I'm using the 'no waste' flying geese method, there's lots of tutorials available on-line. I'm still deciding on whether I need to add a few solids in too.

My latest 'off the bookshelf' review is a lovely quilt book that I recently purchased, "Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living" by Sharon Holland. It's full of designs inspired by timeless quilt block patterns, with surprising fabric & colour combinations. The intro explains what qualifies as a utility style quilt, and urges the reader to "remove the expectation for perfection and embrace utility and its unexpected, fail-proof, scrappy beauty".

I love this one in the pic above, 'Star Crossed'. It has lots of elements that I'm crushing on just now . . . a gently muted palette, combining vintage favourites with more 'modern' fabrics, and wide scrappy sashings which hint that the quilt was made from limited fabric supplies.

'Night & Day' is another favourite. It's a Log Cabin variation, playing with contrast and using a yummy raspberry solid for the block centres. The quilt photography is wonderful thoughout the book! Follow the link here for more details and see more pics over here on instagram.

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