Saturday, 7 April 2018

does this go with that?

This weekend I'm focusing on getting a few more my 'flying geese' blocks made. I used the 'no waste flying geese' method, see this easy tutorial here. I had planned on making just a few now & then, but these blocks are a bit addictive and as I read on IG here at janburgwinkle's feed, making them is indeed "like a bowl of jelly beans", and I too can't seem to stop at just one or two.

Lots of my scrappy pieces of Anna Maria Horner fabrics are going into this top, and I initally spent a bit of time pulling out fabrics, trialling different combinations, some clashy, some more blended, wondering does this go with that, or not?

In the end I just went with my gut feeling.

After looking at that b&w pic above of what I had pieced so far, I decided I needed to use a few 'neutral' lighter fabrics to help defuse that 'hot mess' look and create some more contrast . . .

And one fabric that ended up being very useful was AMH's 'misguided gingham' - don't you just love the name?

Still quite a few more blocks to go yet, 
but here's a peep of how it's all looking now up on my design wall . . .

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  1. Just wonderful eye candy good job

  2. That no waste flying geese method is definitely my favorite way to make a lot of them in a short time. I love how all of your geese look together!

  3. Good idea to look at the blocks in black and white, really helpful. Like the added contrasts.

  4. It's looking amazing so far xx

  5. I like that jumbly look, and this quilt is like comfort food. It looks delicious!

  6. Love them! They all look fabulous

  7. Love these Linda - very tempting to think about Flying Geese again! What size are they?

    1. Thanks Maureen.
      It just suddenly seems I’m seeing very colour coordinate flying geese everywhere just now... mine seem OTT But I’m enjoying sewing them.
      The finished size is 3” x 6”.... I’m using the ‘no waste’ pattern, 1x 7 ½” large square and 4x 4” squares. Happy sewing.

  8. Love all your flying geese!

  9. Looking fabulous! I think a jumbled look is just fine at times. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  10. So fun to put together! I love the greysacle technique. This looks like a fun one!

  11. I made a bunch of these, too. I used solids for the "sky" and prints for the "geese". I really should finish it. Yours is gorgeous.

  12. Using black and white to check contrast is very helpful.
    Your arrangement looks good and I do like your 'misguided gingham' fabric.


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