Wednesday, 18 April 2018

sew stitch snap SHARE #24

Happy Wednesday and welcome to Sew Stitch Snap SHARE.

This week I've been busy with my improv 'floral medallion' quilt. I had made up four borders to surround my central floral piece (see back here ) but then I felt a little unsure about what to do next.

I promised my daughter I wouldn't buy anything extra for this quilt, and that I would 'shop my stash' instead, and she has checked in often to see that I stick to it too! So it was back to my stash baskets for something that would carry over my colour(s).

I tried not to overthink the whole improv process, and this next border ended up as two simple rows of 'square in a square' liberated blocks inspired by Gwen Marston.
Gwen's method proved very forgiving when it came to fitting the borders around what I had already pieced so far, there was lots of extra background for trimming.

I decided to use more of my quirky vintage fabrics that I had used in the crazy pieced 2nd border, along with an assortment of low volumes with a hint of yellow/gold. My final border was an AMH fabric 'Baby Bouquet' from her Folk Song collection.

It's a bit different, with it's bright funky fabric mix, no pattern but vaguely log cabin style, and I think I prefer it to the technically perfect! The quilt top ended up quite large so it's gone today to the quilters. Oh, and I did do it . . . no new fabric was bought during the making of this quilt!

That's it from me this week, time now for another Sew Stitch Snap SHARE

A little bit of news about our regular fortnightly link up before we get into the fun show and tell. Julie and I have decided to alternate hosting this link up, beginning Wednesday 2 May with me here at kokaquilts hosting the next one. This gives us a little less pressure to continually be creating, and to be able to focus on family, friends and food oops, life

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  1. you always have such pretty colorful pieces - this week besides quilting I am trying to cut up some of my scraps a never ending job

  2. Super job....and no new fabric? Wow........

  3. Brilliant. I’ve enjoyed following your process on this quilt. Thanks for sharing!

  4. How fun! You keep inspiring me. I keep wanting to try your technique

  5. I've used square in a square blocks for borders and I love them. Well done for sticking to shopping your stash. The top is looking great, hope your daughter approves.

  6. Fantastic!! It's a quilt I could keep on looking at over and over again! Although I thought finishing with the red border would be good I am happy that you didn't, the additions are the icing on the cake.

  7. You must be enjoying have a stair railing for photos now. Fancy not being able to buy new fabrics for your quilt!!! I do admire your improv work.

  8. Oh wow! Great job pulling all these random but carefully selected fabrics together! You turned out a wonderful looking quilt. I too love the imperfection of the improv. and liberated style. It has a lovely made-by hand look that makes my heart melt.:)

  9. I like the addition of the square in a square blocks. Congrats on a fun and funky finished top.

  10. Great job, Linda! Again I like that your square in a square blocks repeat fabrics you've already used;it gives things a nice rhythm. And well done too for only using your stash.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! I would LOVE to have this quilt in my home! :-)

  12. I truly completely love this latest piece of yours. Inventive yet reassuring, comforting but exciting -- not an easy thing to pull off (especially using only your stash - but then sometimes a limitation like that makes us stretch a bit further and create something extra special).

  13. Oh, it looks sooooo inviting. I want to curl up in it with a good book and a cup of tea! - A true comfort quilt!

  14. Lovely end result. i am impressed that you were able to stick to your stash for the whole quilt. That is amazing.

  15. Love the square in a square layer! Like little gemstones outlining the piece :)

  16. I've used square in a square blocks for borders and I love them. Well done for sticking to shopping your stash. The top is looking great, hope your daughter approves.
    Genting Crown

  17. very nice and very happy medllion


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