Saturday 27 August 2022

make something from nothing

My scrappy 'Log Cabin' quilt top is finished - the front was made entirely from my scrap baskets and it's quite a mashup of lots of different prints. I love it, it's got a soft vibe happening in blues, pretty peaches & plums, with a hint of gold ... and I'm thinking now this quilt-to-be could blend in just about anywhere!

*fun collage compiled from pininterest pics

- a little late afternoon sunshine

Making something from nothing - yep, it's the best way to use up all those strips from your overflowing scrap basket, even the ones you think you can't part with!
After I've added in a few boho style embellishments, I'm going to experiment with different quilting techniques - some simple straight line machine quilting first up, and then some big stitch hand quilting to add more visual interest... watch this space!

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Tuesday 23 August 2022

and then there were twelve


It's quite liberating, 
sewing without stopping to think about having the traditional light & dark sides!

Thanks for stopping by, Linda

Sunday 21 August 2022

more log cabin love

This weekend I'm working on a simple scrappy log cabin in a restrained colour palette of gold, blues - of course - peach & plum. 

Some soft colours, some sweet florals, 
and lots of quilty memories from previous projects all wrapped up in these blocks.
It's the simple things, right?

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Saturday 6 August 2022

log cabin in prints & plains


- on the design floor

- I've got a bundle of FQ solids that I've been trying to team up with my florals, 
sometimes blending, sometimes not so much!

There's quite a few things that I’ve really enjoyed about making these scrappy 14 1/2" log cabin blocks ... finding a few hidden treasures amongst the fabric strips & leftovers that I've used in other projects over the last couple of years ... love mixing up this scrappy combination from different designers & collections to make my quilt unique ... I’m super happy with the contrast of the multi-coloured prints vs the plains ... and finally, it feels great to finish a quilt top in a week!

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Until next time, Linda