Thursday, 15 April 2021

curious adventures

The humble nine patch
…love its simple straight forward design,
…versatility of layout
…and the scrappy nature of the block.

I've used a mixed placement of lights and darks in my nine patch blocks which adds to a super scrappy look. And I'm really loving how these geometric fabrics are looking together with the Liberty florals.

I must say though, when I started making these 9patch blocks I was focused on sticking to my colour palette, {yellow/mustard and tan, a few greys plus peach, pink, orange and warm lavender and blue}. And I hadn't really thought beyond simply getting a good number of blocks pieced, with no real picture in my head of the finished goal. Now I'm auditioning setting options! 


I went adventuring down a rabbit hole 🐰 over the weekend,
curious about different 9patch ideas. 
Here's just a few I spotted on IG . . .

Top left- Chris @afullenglish  bottom left- Maureen Cracknell centre- Sharon Holland 
Top right- Laura @quiltfortco  bottom right- from the collection @roderick752

All of my 35 blocks stayed up on the design wall over last weekend while I pondered over my setting options. I do like them all set block to block, but I also faffed about with other options, using a lovely Liberty floral for my alternate squares, and then maybe as my outer border . . . just checking, you know, just to be sure before I sew everything together! 

option a

option b

option c: a combo of both ideas

… I do kinda enjoy these moments of self doubt, it's all part of the process, yes.

However, I have  wasted  spent lots of time now looking at lots of versions! 
{Do you find this happens to you too?}
And, it's a week on and I'm still no closer to a final decision!
Curious to hear your thoughts, Linda


  1. The blocks themselves are so pretty, I don’t think you can go wrong with whichever layout you chose! Do I dare suggest that you make more nine patch blocks and make both versions!

  2. I like the setting with the fabric squares the best but both are lovely. Happy stitching!

  3. I love that center setting--a lot of movement in that one for the 9-patches...
    your fabrics are really pretty hugs, Julierose

  4. Interesting. You have all those layout options, and I don't see any of them with the blocks on-point. Have you considered that? Your blocks are sure pretty, and will look good whatever way you choose.

  5. I like 9 patches too. I like both of your layouts, with and without alternate squares. The all 9 patches is bolder and the Liberty alternate squares make such a soft and calming quilt. I say make 2 of each.

  6. Yes, both versions! They each have their own vibe, each one is a beauty.
    It's great to have variety.

  7. Both versions are lovely, why not make them both? If I end up with more than one version, I usually ask hubby to choose. It works, and sometimes he comes up with layout I've not thought of.

  8. I love 9-patches side by side with no alternate block. But you know the story--your quilt, your way :-)

  9. I think I’m liking option b

  10. The second version definitely pops the nine-patches more, but like you say, the self doubt is just part of the process! Wherever would we be if we never questioned anything?:)

  11. We do get caught up in working out layouts for quilts. And the self doubt does creep in. It is crazy the way it works. Good luck.

  12. I do hope you aren't losing sleep over this but if you want suggestions, I like the nine patches side by side with the floral border (bottom pic) because it really says, "NINE PATCH" I do love the soft scrappy look.


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