Wednesday, 17 March 2021

capturing the quilty softness

I'm still on a "finish what you start" roll at present!
Here's my latest finish, 
a simple 'coin' quilt made from saved scraps of fabric I've used over the years

I started this quilt top {probably} about 6 years ago, and "rediscovered" the top in the wardrobe recently when I was looking for something else. I had it quilted last week, and added the binding on this week. 

It's a quilt made from strips & strings out of the scrap basket under my sewing table, lots of low volume fabrics and plenty of pops of colour. I ended up with a crazy mishmash of some pretty, some neutral, and some mighty ugly fabrics! 

I had it quilted in an edge to edge pattern called 'loop to loop' by Leeanne from 'quilt me kiwi'And for my binding I chose 'Postage Due' a very useful early AMH fabric from her Dowry collection, in blues with a warm gold and rust. The finished quilt measures 48" x 60".

I had a bit of fun taking the photos for this quilt, from the usual flat shots that show the piecing & my fabric choices through to trying to capture the softness of my quilt . . .

- a progress collage

- binding & backing close-up

 "the drop" - hm-m- capturing a pic of a falling quilt is not as easy as it sounds!

"the bundle" - a folded quilt can give you a sense of the added layers of comfort & depth

- time to make the bed! 

*I listened in to "SOFT BULK: a quilt conversation with Luke Haynes, Zak Foster, and Heidi Parkes" recently - I found lots of ideas for taking quilt photos, such an interesting take on how quilts can look in our spaces and in our homes, follow the link over here.

Until next time, Linda


  1. Another great finish Linda! You’re on fire!!

  2. Very nice, such a great array of fabrics, and I really like how you quilted it!

  3. Coins are one of my favorite ways to use scraps. The soft, light colors in yours evoke spring and are perfect for snuggling on a cool night or even a rainy afternoon reading. Congratulations on finishing this beauty.

  4. It is lovely to see all these finishes. Well done sticking to your plan.

  5. that is a good way to use up some scraps!

  6. I love those scrappy strips! The darker turquoise bits really pull them all together. That's a lovely finish, Linda!

  7. That’s a great usable, cuddly scrap quilt. Love the quilting design too.

  8. Your scrappy strips are so lovable. Makes me think I should make more of these style quilts because they are so rewarding!:)

  9. Always love Coin Quilts. Can’t see any Ugly fabrics in there! Lovely collection of photos- the last one appeals to me.

  10. Nothing can beat a simple coin quit using up lots and lots of our collected scraps!!

  11. Very scrap-o-licious! And I really like the quilting too!!! take care, cw


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