Friday, 6 December 2019

dahlias not quilts, just for a change!

My dahlias have started doing their thing . . .

It's the first time I've planted these, and I can't remember any of the names. It's quite exciting seeing what pops open. At first I thought I only had an assortment of pinks, but now a few other bright & bold ones have started to open too. I couldn't resist picking the first few . . .

For more lovely summery flower photos, pop on over to Julie from julielou
Until next time,


  1. Lovely! My aunt has been collecting/cultivating dahlias for years, so she often gives us bunches of them in the summertime. Such spectacular blooms! Enjoy all your pretties!

  2. You always have the loveliest flowers.

  3. Oh they are so pretty and so healthy looking too! The gofers got into our dahlias this past Summer, grrrrrr. We will replant in wire baskets in the Spring. Live and Learn! Happy Holidays!

  4. Very pretty - dahlia colours are so vibrant. You should see my want list for next year, apparently they grow well in pots!

  5. Yummy colours Linda, dahlias seem to be very addictive!!


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