Wednesday, 28 August 2013

simply sewing

I really wasn't going to sew today.... I think, well I know actually, that I'm just putting off the next stage in my "rose" quilt!!!!      There's a bit of hand sewing to do now,  i.e. stitching around the parameter of all those circles, then fitting a cardboard circle inside, drawing up the gathering hand stitching, pressing it all in place, and then hand sewing each one onto the I had planned to wash my hair/do groceries/ do housework, etc!!!!!
..... but then I started  looking at some books & magazines while I had my morning coffee, before I had started any of the aforementioned tasks!!!!   Kaffe Fasset's "Museum Quilts"  (English V & A coverlet and his version of it)  and the latest QuiltMania mag.
........and got busy !!

I used some of my old fabric stash here, Lecien & Yuwa, along with a few softer looking Moda fabrics. The simple rectangle bricks were 3 1/2" by 7 1/2 " each.  Sometimes I have found that if you just start sewing something simple, the fabric does the rest !!!!

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