Saturday, 7 December 2013

Fabric Favourites

I love fabric!!  I've been thinking lately that there seems to have been a bit of a rush on using Anna Maria Horner (AMH)  fabrics! And these quilts look great!
See Kelly's Starry Eyed quilt here-
And Rachel's Sawtooth Stars quilt here-

The fabrics are all really gorgeous...... colourful, interesting and vibrant, and I do especially love both the gold & the teal colourway of the "Social Climber" fabric.
Ages ago I too made this quilt top using assorted fabrics from one of her earlier available ranges.  I tried a simple layout, with an "anything goes" attitude when combining the colours & fabrics.......

 and, more recently, I tried chosing just 2 colours & being careful with which two fabrics I combined.......

But I can't say I am loving my own personal efforts to date!!
To use just all one range has proven v. difficult for me. 
When I first learnt patchwork many people followed each other v. closely in the use of colours within a traditional block. Frequently the exact same pattern could have 2 different names depending on how the lights & darks were arranged!!  And hues/value/scale of prints were all part of our quilty vocab!!!  Most importantly, the magic colourwheel held all the answers!!!!   NOT!

I guess that's why all the pre cuts work today, fat 1/4 bundles/jelly rolls/layer cakes, etc........lots of fabric variety for your money, and you know the fabrics will all co-ordinate beautifuly together.  Whether you stick to using solely the one bundle or go on to choose other things to go with it, they really are a good starting point. Something we certainly didn't have years ago!!

My favourite style of quilt is scrappy.
Using a wide range of prints & colours in my quilts is, to me, the v. esscence of patchwork. 
But lately I am drawn to this kind of "one range" overall look!!!  
So I am trying again!


  1. I love the top two, so I'm thinking I'm going to love whatever is next too!

  2. I still have to embrace "scrappy" meaning a whole range of patterns within colours within the main pattern I have in my head. But I can see where it works in other peoples quilts and blocks, so have plans to trial a few blocks and see how I feel. As for one range,,,well I'm too new to this to even 'get" most of the concepts. I just KNOW WHAT I LIKE :)

    1. Yep me too! But I do find it quite overwhelming at times, too many choices. Anyways, I am loving what I am doing right now with this this space! L

  3. I love AMH fabrics and Kaffe too - I think it's the colours used - there is really nothing subdued about them. But then I get scared to make something in case it is too bright, too patterned, to clashy and I don't like it and I've wasted my fabrics. It is not easy being a quilter - I think too the cost of fabrics and NZ and shipping to NZ makes us think twice about what we make too.

    1. Totally agree with you on all counts! It's a toss up really for me ...between "being inspired by," or copying, or going out on a totally different creative tangent!! I do worry about making something, not loving it, and wasting time, $$$$, & precious fabrics. L


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