Wednesday, 11 December 2013


I am again using an assortment of Anna Maria Horner fabrics, combined with a few matching solids.
The free pattern is one also of AMH's, "Mother Goose" Quilt.  It ends up with nice biggish Flying Geese units, each 5" x 10" (You can find the pattern on her website). I have a few more to make yet to get a decent sized quilt top, and a bit of reshuffling around to ensure no two same fabrics sit side by side,  but am happy with it so far!  The arrangement is basically up & down, with the geese in vertical columns alternating their direction with each column, and no rigid colour order.
While only using one designer's range, this gem finally has what I love - a bit of a scrappy feel and a nice light/dark dancey-thingey going on!!......I'm off now to water the garden!


  1. I have always loved flying geese. Your blocks look great - lots of movement.

  2. Very nice - bright, scrappy looking yet cohesive. Can't wait to see more. Oh I need to get me some AMH soon.

  3. I'm thinking oh Yeah! in my head, soon I will try these geese things :)


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