2018 finishes

Welcome! Some of my quilts have been gifted, some donated, but there are still some that I have saved over the years, why? They are my portfolio. They are my diary. If you are like me, memories flood back of what was going on in your life with each quilt. And, it's so true what they say, every quilt tells a story. Hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of finishes . . .

'Landslide' quilt
in a controlled colour palette with scrappy neutrals
pattern by Melanie from from southerncharmquilts
quilt measures 47" x 58"
professionally quilted by Leeanne from Quiltmekiwi.

A scrappy 'values' quilt, using the humble HST in a soft pretty palette.
quilt measures 43" x 58"
professionally quilted by Leeanne from Quiltmekiwi.

Possibly my oldest WiP, started in 2077 now finally finished this year
Kaffe pattern
machine quilted

'Pinwheel Rosy' quilt
145cms x 145cms
Machine quilted by Sandy Mayo

Barij QAL quilt
65.5" x 80.5"
Lots of 'boho' flair with embroidery & big stitch hand quilting 
Machine quilted in an overall floral pattern by Sandy Mayo.

'Evie's' quilt
machine quilted by Sandy Mayo
quilt measures 150cms x 110cms

'Flying Geese Overload' quilt
pieced & machine quilted by me

'Oh My Stars' quilt
measures 125cms x 160cms.
machine quilted by Annette de Ratt in an all over lazy daisy pattern

'Blanket Bay' quilt
measures 165cms x 180cms
machine quilted by Annette de Ratt in an allover clamshell pattern.

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