Sunday, 16 June 2013


It has rained all day here in Auckland....Mr D. has spent his time on the computer converting years & years of slides & old pics onto the computer,  and, as we now share the spare bedroom as a computer/sewing room, I too have been "locked in" !!!!
Remember the book about the  "Hungry Caterpillar" ? 
Time to transform something ..........
I must admit I have not been at all happy with my "Beaded Curtains" quilt, and I do feel that with all the time/money/material invested in any project one should be happy with the result, yes????  
I did so want the bright "beads" to float.
Looking back thru' my Kaffe Fasset books also  re -inforced that I had wanted to try for a "no borders" kind -of -look to keep that vertical dropping/floating  feeling.
(And I certainly didn't want an overall "purple" look to the quilt!! )
So........ I have spent most of today unpicking !!!!!!!!
I removed all of blue & mauve 1/2 triangle side borders & all the surrounding soft blue spotty borders.  
Then I rumaged thru' my leftovers container & found more of the Riley Blake cream stripe AND, luckily, more of the KF white/yellow dot. But sadly none of it in biggish pieces.   
So I made fabric out of what I had left.  (If you look closely you will see some joining lines)   I have an old vintage sheet that I will use for backing and the lovely KF stripe binding will, I think, just finish off the quilt quite nicely.   I am v. happy with it now!!!!!!!

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  1. So patient! But totally worth the effort. I love that binding too - it really brings it all together.


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