Friday, 14 June 2013

just a few more triangles

Have you ever started sewing and it turns out nothing like the idea you originally had ?
I even had a few "rules" sorted out for my last project, the triangles Kaffe Fasset ( KF) quilt, but somewhere along the way it just wasn't working. Certainly not from a construction point of view, 'cos the triangles fitted together really easily, with points all beautifully matched!!!
BUT it began to look like a v. purple quilt which I really could not cope with!!
So, after a bit of auditioning, I added a soft blue border (another KF fabric) all around..........

.....and then had another try!!
I used up the leftover solid fabric triangles that I had rejected for the first quilt, and added alot of white/cream triangles, along with another lovely  KF fabric as the focus.

....I also made the binding, a wonderful KF stripe that will just give this wee quilt a final extra shot of zing!!!   I am alot happier with today's efforts!  (but sadly my sewing machine is sounding v. noisy and is probably now long overdue for a maintenance check !!!)


  1. I like them both - that second one is very cool!

  2. I think the first one is very pretty, and its cool to see how you made something completely different with the second one.


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