Thursday, 13 June 2013

Quilting friends!!!

Glenys popped in this evening, we had a wine, and she showed me what she has been working on over the last few days. (in between a v. busy time with both of her daughters getting married!!!)
Here is her "Converging Corners" quilt  all together now!!  This quilt was one of our Modern Modern (MM) Bee blocks. We all did a block each & I think Glenys added a couple more to make it up to a good size. 
It looks really great!!!...................

She has also been making three individual "biggish"  blocks........

These have been made with colours that were  picked to be an accent in her newly decorated lounge. She has now added some neutral beige and made a very "modern" setting.......

Its gonna look really good once the quilting adds that further dimension!!!!  Yes?


  1. Wow - I really like Glenys' new project.

  2. Fabulous work - love them both.


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