Sunday, 9 June 2013


I had a little helper today! 
My 2yr old granddaughter came to play & it wasn't very long before she spotted the fabric mess in the family room and she asked  ...."doing Granny?" ..... I explained I was making a quilt and I was having trouble finding just the right spotty fabrics to go with it. So we played spot -the -dot, & needless to say there was even more of a mess in the family room, but we had alot of fun!!!

After she left for her afternoon sleep, I just kept going and cut out heaps of triangles.
They are each made from a 9" square. You can get 4 squares from a fat quarter. On each square make a mark at the center of the top edge which is 4 1/2 " from each side, and cut from the bottom outer corners up to that mark, forming a triangle.  This gives you a nice largish triangle. ( see Fly A Kite... Noteworthy Fabric Collection/ Sweetwater. I purchased this oh -so- easy pattern from Fat Quarter Shop, I think) (but I haven't followed their layout at all!!)

Then I played around with all the triangles spread out on the family room floor, auditioning them & swapping them around in various layouts.
And the Warriors were on about this time so I just kept going!!!!

My thoughts for this quilt :
1. To use pastels
2. To use some of my stash
3. To use triangles
4. And.... I wanted to use a couple of Kaffe Fasset fabrics as the focus this time.  Over the years I have tried to include some KF fabrics along with other fabrics into most my quilts but the result has been variable!!!)
5. AND........ I wanted something that resembled a beaded curtain effect - I have seen Sarah Fiekle's "Love Beads" where she uses hexagons and triangles,  & I did like the finished look,  plus ages ago I remember seeing  a KF pattern in one of his books for some sort of curtain effect but I can't recall the pattern 

ANYWAY.....It seemed quite extravagant to cut the triangles from the larger squares but I think in the long run it made for a better finish. The sides of the triangles were quite stretchy as I sewed so some care was needed but, once all together, the whole quilt felt very stable.
Here it is so far.......


  1. I like the big flower prints. I look forward to seeing the next stage!

  2. Pretty! I like the way it goes blue on one side. Like Karyn I look forward to seeing what comes next!

  3. I love those big flower prints. My grandchildren love pulling all my fabrics out (and I let them!!) They have great fun and it only takes a few minutes to tidy them. My grandson (3) told me last week that "he was knitting a quilt".

  4. thanx for the comments! hmmmmm so what does happen next? I guess I'll even up the side edges first, then find a border fabric. I'm thinking maybe one of the large florals ???? Linda


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