Saturday, 10 August 2013


I went out to Cheryl's show " Road to Colour" today - what a lovely explosion of colourful quilts! There was a wide selection of Kaffe Fasset fabrics & patterns used, plus some other Westminster ranges. It was a non judged, fun exhibition. The quilt I loved the most was a pastel diamond one, forming dramatic rings of soft colour -really spectacular & so big! Can't show you pics because I don't have any individual permissions, but certainly "en masse" they all looked stunning!  
My triangle quilt was there too.....more a rather smaller "pop" of colour than an explosion, but the quilting really stood out! (thanx Annette!) 


  1. Where is the photo of your quilt?? I planned to go out today but got sidetracked.

  2. That's it there, the triangle quilt! I didn't put the other one in, the Beaded Curtain one, maybe that's what you are thinking of?

  3. Oh haha - yes that was the one I was thinking of! This one is also very pretty - I was agreeing with you in my mind because I thought you were describing it as your favourite!

  4. Yours quilt definitely sttod out - I think cos it wasn't so saturated with colour. Looks good - I loved the quilting on it


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