Sunday, 1 December 2013

combining colours & chosing fabrics....

I'm really enjoying the hit & miss process of making these checkerboard squares.
I am using an assortment of old & new Anna Maria Horner fabrics, plus a couple of extra supporting "blending" fabrics.  I have also been following her blog lately. She has just completed a rather lovely quilt, "Dowry."  Check it out if you are interested over here -

I haven't had much spare time to sew this past week,  but whenever there's been a small window I grab it & make a couple more blocks. I am finding lately thou'  that no matter whether I have a rough idea in my mind of what I want to make, or am totally random in my choices, things still have a habit of changing along the way!!!!
I did so want to stick to my teal/tangerine colour combination & chosen fabrics, but last week I found that adding any solid fabrics didn't look right and then this week, I found that throwing in the grey print fabrics really messed everything up as well!   ( I use the spare bed or floor to get the overall look, but I can now see how a big design wall would really be benefical !) 
Anyway .....I took all the "rejects" out, & they will be included in the backing now!!
I then searched thru' my fabric baskets, and made more blocks that hopefully blend a bit better and still give my desired overall teal/tangerine look.  I  know that alot of my changes are due to the fact that I am also really, really trying to use up fabric that I have on hand.  And, as some of my fabric pieces are now only small, I then have to substitute 3/4 of the way thru' a block.... but it's ok. One of the things I do love about quilts is those little surprises here & there!!! 

And so, after chopping & changing my mind about combining colours & chosing fabrics, I'm thinking I'll keep going with this now & make a few more blocks.
Maybe just one more row?!?!?


  1. well it is looking pretty fascinating :)

    1. thanx! it's been a real work in progress, but I do love the fabrics so have persisted!!! L


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