Tuesday, 26 November 2013

EPP and a few other things...

The next BOM  "40 Shades of Grey" arrived yesterday from Material Obsession/Auzzie. 
Hexagon flowers-  very teeny tiny  1/2" hexis can you believe it ?!?!?!?   ( gasp.....maybe- too-small methinks?)  There are 7 of them to make, fussy cut, hand made using the English Paper Piecing (EPP) method, and then they are slip stiched into place, firstly onto coloured circles and then onto grey background squares.   Anyway it's gotta be done, so perhaps a great project for over the Xmas hols down at the bach.

I have managed a bit more progress today on my Checkerboard Squares, and I'm feeling much happier with them now.  Still a few more blocks to make yet.  Once again, and I do love this about patchwork, this has been "a work in progress", auditioning as I go!  After re thinking, I'm  going for a teal/ tangerine look, using all prints. I am adding small amounts of neutral colours like the grey/cream/yellow, which I hope will do the job of allowing everything else to shine, yes??

Talking of things teeny tiny, at the latest Auckland Festival of Quilts I found these little scissors...3 different ones for $18!!! The little gold pair are great, I have been using them for everything. There's a 3" pair that has blunt tips which you can take on an airplane so that's really handy, and the other pair are 3 1/8" embroidery scissors. 

and finally....Xmas is coming!!!!

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