Wednesday, 13 November 2013

with a bit of help from my friends!

Thanx for all the input over my latest quandry, it's been great!
Where would we be without friends?
First of all Glenys popped over yesterday evening, we had a wine & moved all the fabric around that I had spread out over the family room floor.  Then I read the replies here & mulled over it all.  Actually sometimes it's this process, all the planning/playing, etc that I love rather than doing the sewing miles!!!
Then I popped out to All Things Patchwork @ Waimaukau, and Cheryl kindly did the maths for me!!!
Next it was simply a matter of putting it all together!
I do also plan to see Annette @Wildcotton eventually for a bit assistance too, maybe a  "modern" twist on the quilting!!!

And so with help from you all, I think I will have managed to find a way to bring the past just a wee bit closer into the present!!!

p.s. it's back to my "granny" role for the next couple of days, playcentre, music etc -  just as well I've had my sewing fix this week !!!!   


  1. It's looks great! I suspect wine is always a useful element in the quilting process :-)

    1. I guess it helps the "creative" part of the process!!!! L

  2. Look forward to seeing it finished at a MM meeting in the future!

  3. Wow - that was quick. The background makes the different colours in the blocks look quite pretty.


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