Saturday, 2 November 2013

scrap attack

I thought  I would have another go at piecing triangles as my last 2 triangle quilts have now gone to good homes.  They were what I would call a "one patch" quilt, using a large triangle & creating an all over pattern rather than a sampler or individual blocks, but they both were very modern in design & layout for me!  And I do love them!

Now that I have sorted most of my fabrics, I came across the scraps from a large Anna Maria Horner quilt I made ages ago.  The finished quilt top always seemed v. heavy to me, so I guess thats why I never finished it!!!!  I always felt it was something I could never sleep peacefully under!!!!
BUT I do love the indivdual fabrics in that old quilt top & needed to use the left overs ............


This one is really gorgeous, yes?

...anyway,  I thought it would simply be a case of "anything goes" .....but "anything" certainly did not !!!
My quilt is made from the scraps but I am now, after much playing around, using selective scraps !!  
I have cut & planned the quilt, but it's still very subjective  to re-looking /re-moving/ re-cutting!

Let's just hope no one walks over it all & disturbs everything until tomorrow when I can actually get a moment to sew!!! ...........   that's if I still like it in the morning !

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  1. It's lovely! I see you and I have been cutting into the same AMH fabric lately :-) I just ordered some more of that gorgeous gold - I think I will definitely want to use it again.


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