Wednesday, 23 October 2013

stash report

Now that I have started, I'm really determined to get some sort of organisation happening with my fabric stash.  And from just that small beginning last week, my stash sorting & storage method has evolved!!!!
I have kept the large basket directly under my sewing table where I throw all my offcuts & scraps as I sew 'cos I find that really useful. When I first learnt to sew at Intermediate School we just dropped all our rubbish onto the floor (!!!) and at the end of the session we swept up everything.  It's taken me years to get out of that habit & aim directly for the large basket!!!!
I've also kept my basket just for all -sorts- of- spots, and one specifically for designer fabric scraps, and another for low volume fabrics, but, in the new spirit of things, I have sifted thru' each one & folded nicely.

I can see the benefits already........
  • a lovely white basket of fabrics all nicely folded is so visually inspiring! 
  • my fabrics are all much more accessible! 
  • I don't feel so overwhelmed every time I enter the spare bedroom!
  • and now, I can clearly see what colours I use most of  - and what colours I need to shop for!!!!
All in all huge progress!!
Then, just when I was about to emerge from the sewing room I heard a thump on the back parcel from Pink Castle Fabrics had just arrived!!!!    Just love it ....Reminisce from Art Gallery, sweet nostalgia in vintage........but not too sure what to do with this prettty range of new fabric......Any suggestions ?


  1. Lucky you made space for your newest purchase! Pretty.

  2. I am enjoying your stash updates. I am now thinking of getting some baskets like yours, because my current shoe box system is completely overflowing.

  3. Ooh pretty new fabric! Not sure what I would do with it, maybe just leave it in a gorgeous bundle til inspiration strikes. Love your stash updates - I keep spying fabric that I love in your stash!

  4. can never have too much fabric, right?!?!?!? L

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  6. P.S. Heather I meant to also say that I picked up the white baskets at the supermarket, a couple each time I went shopping. Very handy! L

  7. Throwing all the scraps and threads on the floor.... is that where I got into the habit - Intermediate School sewing classes!

    A parcel arrived for me this week too from Pink Castle Fabrics - chevrons. And now they have 25% off bundles - so next week a low volume bundle will be arriving too!! Love those fabrics you got. Bit hard to resist aren't they.


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