Sunday, 13 October 2013

it's official!!!

Yep, I am now officially "retired" !! 
A wee bit early I know offer came up I couldn't refuse!!!
So, after a few days away down at the bach at Waihi Beach,  I am now catching up with washing/family/blogs, etc. 
AND thankfully, I see that others are just like me......UFO's lurking everywhere!!!!    
i.e. Un Finished Objects, or quilt tops!!!!!   see Taking stock once again.
We chatted at our last Monday Modern meeting about how many things people had on the go at any one time. And of course we all work v. differently - and have different stashes, different budgets, different priorities, etc.
I think in all honesty, I have a v. short attention span!!!  
I know I certainly love all the planning, all the sorting out of fabrics, all the sewing....but then once I see the end in sight ...I stop!!!!

Our tastes change over the years, and being part of the Monday Modern group has certainly added a new dimension to my patchwork & quilting. But I do still need to finish a few things first!
Want to see what's in my UFO pile?
There's a few quilts I have made that I too have definitely fallen out- of- love with, but there are others for one reason or another that I will get around to finishing, truely!!!!!  Most of these quilts actually only require a bit of "home" machine quilting and then the binding.   And these are UFO's not,  as I'm sure you understand, WIP's!!!  (Works in Progress).   (that's another little pile!!!)
Anyway, now I'm "retired" I am going to do my best to cross a few of these from my to-do-list.
Any votes on where to start first?

This little lovely is my Liberty Squares quilt and only requires some quilting & binding & then it's done!!!

H-m-m-m- this one was a KF project, but all pastels, and needs batting/backing/quilting/binding!!!!!

Oh dear....this one I made ages ago!!!  But I kinda still love it!!  30's fabrics, and still needs batting/backing/quilting/binding!  will it be an heirloom one day?!?!?!?!?

Well this one was v. easy to piece  .... the orginal idea was to piece the background then applique dresden plates on top, but I felt the background was enough as is (!!!)  & so I never actually finished any of it!!!!  And now I see, this fabric range is actually back on the market again !! 
So.... just a quilt top that needs guessed it.... batting/backing/quilting/binding!!!!
( or maybe those pastel / low volune dresden plates after all?!??!?!!?)

Ahh-h-h-h  now this wee one has batting & backing simply just needs quilting & binding!!!  Oh,  and ......a little someone who needs a quilt!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your retirement! I vote that you start with the bottom quilt first. I love the background fabric.

  2. I think the pastel KF project would be a lovely quilt to work on during Spring, but you are spoilt for choice with gorgeous tops to finish off.

  3. Congratulations on your retirement! I love that bright one that you were going to appliqué onto - I love it just how it is. They are all lovely, you'll be able to finish them now in no time ;-)

  4. Congratulations Linda on your retirement. I'm with Megan - I love that bright bright one just as it is. Also, I'd love to see the liberty one finished in the not -too -distant future! But really, they are all lovely, so have fun finishing them off!


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