Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I was all sorted.
I had made a great start on my "to-do-list" the other day, and thanx for the comments in my last entry!
There I was,  happily quilting my Liberty Squares quilt, nothing fancy, but satisfying ........when I suddenly remembered that I hadn't made the 2 blocks for the BOM 40 Shades of Grey!!!!  and month 3 BOM will be arrivng in the post any day now!!!!
So today was the day!!   And they took some time to do I must admit. 
The first one began to have a manic  "out of kilter" feel to it as I went round & round, but then I began ironing as I went - which the instructions actually advised to do - and things turned out just fine!!

busy, busy......

                                                         and here they all are so far........


  1. They are great blocks - fun!

  2. h-m-m-m certainly colouful blocks so far! just hope (quote) the stunning clouds of 40 greys (unquote) tone things down somewhat!!!! L


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