Wednesday, 25 September 2013

the week that was

Working shift work means my weekdays, and consquently my weekends, are a bit all over the place and usually not when everyone else is having a bit of R & R.  These last few "days off" have just gone too quickly!!    I've been busy catching up on, housework, cooking, you know.... just all the usual domestic goddess type of stuff, plus a few quilty things too.
The zig zag quilt is well under way.  I'm thinking that while the piecing is dead easy,  I do want this quilt to be of a reasonable size, so it'll take a bit of time to get all the required blocks made. I'm trying to make a  block each day, that's each day "off" I mean!!!....

The next BOM has arrived this week from Auzzie - two pineapple blocks. Looks like they will sit somewhere in the centre of the "40 Shades of Grey" quilt, and both are kinda large!

........I made a pineapple quilt way, way back and I had a bit of trouble with the technique from memory!!! The Material Obsession fabric selection is somewhat more contempary than back in those days!!!!
So it will be good to revisit this with a fresh new look & try to improve on my first attempt!!

As well as our show running at Highwic House, our Monday Modern group also have a charity quilt challenge going at the moment. I figured the "challenge" was probably in using  someone else's stash fabrics & turning them into a cute comfort charity quilt.  Fast & fun to make and where the fabrics themselves are the stars!!    I have made a start on quilting my little quilt this week.........

And a while back I ordered some fabric that I thought  might be suitable for the border on my bricks quilt but it took a while coming.  I audited a few fabrics from my stash and had actually added the border, when the new fabric arrived earlier in the week - and it's just perfect! A soft grey floral, which compliments all the other gentle Yuwa fabrics. So I've been busy unpicking the first borders while I watched the America's Cup (gripping viewing!!),  and have now just sewn it on........

So, as you can see, lots of little quilty bits & pieces for me and now it's back to four days nursing.
What has everyone else been busy sewing this week?


  1. Gosh you get so much done Linda! I'm looking forward to some time off soon so I can get some sewing done too.

  2. Have a great school holiday break!!! L


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