Monday, 16 September 2013

luv 'em or hate them....

Yep......half square triangles  HST...... you either luv them, or hate them!!!
But they are so versatile & there are so - so many ways to put them together!!!

Check out this great modern sampler quilt, all made from HST's .....

I have also looked at many zig zag quilts/ chevron quilts, all of which use HST's.

See this  pretty quilt - Kelly's "Sugar & Spice" quilt a couple of entries back,  @

and this-

and this-

Too many choices!!!
I found the hardest thing was actually deciding on just what sort of finished look I wanted!!!!  
In the end I just started sewing!
I cut lots of squares at 4 3/4" ( I figure it doesn't really matter what size just so long as I am consistant).
Then made them up into HSTs by ruling a line across the diagonal, & sewing 1/4" each side of the line, one after another, chain piecing. Then I cut them across the diagonal & pressed them all.
After looking at them for awhile, I finally made up my mind on what I was doing & began piecing them into individual blocks......

And then into rows......

More to come!!!!!

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  1. Luv all the looks HST can create - hate all the trimming!


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