Saturday, 7 September 2013


Last month Glenys & I signed up for one of Material Obsession's block of the month programs -
40 Shades of Grey.  The last time we did this we didn't have any idea of the finished quilt which was a bit daunting,  but it turned out ok in the end. This time around we do have a picture of the finished quilt......

40 Shades Of Grey by Wendy Williams

It uses a variety of techniques and is very colourful, with blocks set on point, and has lots of different fabrics, along with assorted greys to pull it altogether.
I must admit the MO fabric decisions fascinate me!  I am curious to see how they actually decide what will go with what. And how they use colour to create movement/texture/interest is really I signed up for another BOM to learn more!!!!!

The first package arrived in the mail last week.
There are four criss cross blocks to make this month. 
Doing a BOM together does have a few benefits - we have a wee "unspoken" competition between us as to who gets their block done first!  and  it's proven to be a great incentive for actually doing the month's work!!!!!  and we can trouble shoot any tricky bits together!!!!

I guess too you'll be wanting an update of my charity quilt?
Well, it's all pieced, pressed & pinned,  and ready for some machine quilting.


  1. Ok so I *looked* at my stack of fabrics for the charity quilt tonight, but that's as far as it went - I'm so impressed with your speed!

  2. That stack of fabrics is gorgeous! What does the first block look like?

  3. Oh and I meant to say- great work in the charity quilt - pieced already, wow!!

  4. Beautiful vintage vibe on the charity quilt. I have cut the fabric for mine, but it will be a while before I have time to piece it.

  5. thanx for all the feedback....not too sure yet about the machine quilting as I haven't really done alot, but will give it a go! L


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