Wednesday, 5 February 2014

a real thing for blue!

Do others have a colour that you almost always include in your patchwork?
I certainly do ...and it's blue! 
I seem to use it consistantly, it's a real favourite & I throw a bit in here & there, into almost everything I make! I haven't, however, made a mainly solely blue quilt, but today I gave it a go!
I'm using a good, old, tried & true receipe - the Kaffe Fassett "Rosy Quilt", a layout of 9- patch and large squares. It's a quilt pattern that I have seen many, many versions of, and I continue to love how the same patchwork structure can look so different when assorted themes/colours/prints are's such an adaptable pattern!!  (as are most of his)  

Well, what can I say?!?? 
and then a bit of cream found it's way in there
and then a few browns!
so I guess now it's a very "vintage" rosy quilt!!!   
Linking up with Lee's  WIP Wednesday @ later on, (we are a day ahead here in NZ!)


  1. What lovely blues, they make the quilt look really warm (colour wise) when mixed with the browns and creams. I like all the rich fabrics squeezed in together too!

  2. Very eye-catching! Love those colors and the peacefulness of it all!

  3. I find myself buying blue and green fabric .. Even when I don't need it!

    Love the way this is coming together.


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