Wednesday, 12 February 2014

some sewing progress

What a gorgeous week it's been so far!!  Spent a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon at the band rotunda in the domain listening to jazz, gardening the next day, followed by an "olive day" with dancing & swimming lessons!  It's the Chinese Lantern Festival up next, so...not too much time for sewing! 

I did manage to sew
 the border onto my Vintage Rosy Quilt.
Luckily I had just enough of a soft -blending- type fabric...
once I'd joined a few smaller pieces together!

And I've re-arranged my squares on "the big quilt"
so many many times!
A simple pattern,
with a simple scrappy look, 
and maybe a bit of simple quilting eventually?!?    
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  1. You have so many gorgeous fabrics there in your daughter's quilt!

  2. I'm deadly for arranging and re-arranging too. I walk away and then come back and move some more but usually end up putting them back the way I had them! It's looking lovely so far. Really like the distribution of purples!


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