Monday, 4 June 2018

a few more flying geese

It's a very wet & cold long weekend here in NZ, 
perfect for hiding away in the sewing room and sewing up another flock of geese . . .

. . .  or is that a gaggle of geese? 
This is what I found out when I googled flying geese - A group of geese on the ground is called a gaggle. A group of geese in flight is called a skein, wedge and /or team and a group of geese flying close together is called a plump.

This 'no waste flying geese' method makes four at a time and it's quite addictive making them {there are heaps of tutorials online, see here for one}. Like last time, I'm adding some extra blocks to a few of them, it's another chance to mix and match the fabrics even more and gives it a bit of extra interest.

I'm using a real scrappy mix of fabrics, digging deep into the stash, combining prints from everywhere. There's spots & stripes & checks teamed up with light to medium florals, with the occasional darker fabric thrown in too.

Loving this softer vintage inspired look. I'm planning on making this quilt a bit bigger than the last version. It needs to be a useful size as this is a quilt that could live anywhere I think. So, it's back to cutting out more pretty combos, and more piecing . . .

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  1. I hope your geese aren't migrating south for the winter :-)

  2. I love the gingham fabric! I am going to have to add some to my stash. I am thinking about make geese one of my RSC projects for next year. Your vintage look is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. I’m sure I said before that I’ve a soft spot for flying geese, gaggle or plump ;-) and your way of combining fabrics! I made some flying geese yesterday for the BariJ quilt using the no waste method. I wish I had used that before as they sew up so easy!

  4. These are great gaggles of geese! :D

  5. More pretty fabrics and Geese. Particularly love the fabric pairing at the bottom of the first photo.

  6. Lovely gaggles, plumps, skeins and wedges of geese Linda - a great use of a wet day! I love that method of making geese too. What size are your geese turning out - they look a useful size for making a quilt grow :-)

  7. I'm just in love with your geese, Linda. You have such a knack for picking fabrics -- I would never think to put some of those together because I would think they "didn't go together" just looking at the fabric, but when I see them made up into your blogs I just absolutely love them. So much more energy than restrained, matchy-matchy fabric pairings!

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca.
      I’m really enjoying this... there is still a place for pretty fabrics & pretty colours used in a ‘traditional’ way!

  8. Lots of very pretty colors and fabrics. Love these blocks.

  9. It really is a great inspiration pin! Your colors are so much fun!

  10. The no waste method of making flying geese is my favorite now, but I remember when I was first introduced to it and it looked like a magic trick! I love all your different combinations of fabric for your geese!

  11. This is a gorgeous mix of fabrics and is looking great.

  12. You have a selection of wonderful fabrics in these lovely geese Linda! I must try the no waste method.

  13. I love your Anthologie quilt! It's gorgeous. :)


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