Thursday, 9 October 2014

from chaos to some semblance of order!

Not a big fan of solid-all-white backgrounds  
but my goodness
what a difference adding just a little bit of low volume white has made to this quilt
It seems to have taken it from chaos to some semblance of order!
{And I just love that AMH Social Climber in teal/green, luckily I had just enough to do the borders!}     

a bit more #21
remember this? my puss-in-a-corner quilt
... just back from Annette, with lots of lovely traditional 3" clamshell quilting all over it!  
You know what I'll be busy doing this weekend!


  1. Wow - looks fabulous. Well done. Have to admit I don't mind minding quilts, it's getting them ready for quilting that I don't like.

  2. For me this is a really successful quilt. I read your previous post as well and think that the changes you made were just enough to give it some coherence without making it too orderly and predictable. Right up my street :-)


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